Recaptains was created in 2013 to spoil books series on purpose. The founders realised that there are too many book series for people to keep up with, so they decided to create a website that would provide book series recaps for readers everywhere. Recaptains used to focus primarily on plot summaries for YA book series, but has since rapidly expanded to cover adult fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance and more to reflect our diverse reading tastes!

If you have a request for a recap that you’d like to see on the site, please visit the Requests page and get in touch. All book series recap requests are welcome, whether you’re an author or a reader. If you would like to get in touch directly for queries or to work with us in the future, please see our Contact page for more information.

Recaptains has worked with best selling authors including Maggie Stiefvater and Laura Pohl to bring you the hottest book recaps to suit your needs!

History Behind Recaptains

Recaptains was founded in 2013 by Amber @ Book Trek and three other book bloggers because they were tired of rereading books in a series in order to read the next instalment. Since it was founded, Recaptains has compiled over 500 recaps for over 300 series, which is incredibly impressive! We hope to continue to provide up to date book series recaps in the years to come, and we’re showing no signs of stopping!