Have you read a book that you would love to write a recap? Do you feel like you could help us out with saving series? Reading a series you don’t already see listed in our Recaps list? We can fight book crime faster with your help.

What do you get in return? First and foremost, the joy and satisfaction of saving the reading world by helping readers everywhere avoid that forgetful feeling when picking up a book in a series. You can also bask in the glow that comes from being a superhero and get a little extra promotion for your own blog or social media!

As Recaptains, we have the right to alter any submissions before they are posted. You will be credited for your contribution.

To submit a recap, please send an email to with information on the book or series you wish to recap. We can accept recaps in the body of the email itself, or in .pdf, .doc, .rtf, and .docx format. Please ask before submitting a recap in any other format.

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