In short, Recaptains is a blog dedicated to spoiling books on purpose. When we realized there are too many series for normal people to possibly keep up with, we decided to combine our superhero powers to save your (bookish) lives. As true superheroes know, you can never stop fighting crime. There’s always another bad guy to fight or another person in need of saving. Or, in our case, there’s another new series or book being published! The end isn’t near, but this sure is a beautiful beginning. It’s a dangerous mission, but we’ve got it covered. The plan you ask? We will review books as quickly as possible to prevent future RED ALERTS. How will we do this?

  • Basic facts? All the little details, including title, author, release date, link to Goodreads, existing books in series and the Goodreads summary.
  • In short? A brief synopsis of major plot points.
  • What went down? Major moments that could kill enjoyment of a series if forgotten.
  • How did it end? Covers the last chapter, particularly crucial in the event of a Cliffhanger.
  • Anything else? Reminds you of any unfamiliar terms that are specific to the world within the series.
With The Recaptains, you’ll never again have to re-read a book before picking up the next one in a series. We’re saving series one book at a time!

The Recaptains



Books of Amber | Twitter

Amber lives in the English countryside with her family, who are mostly in the dark about her superhero ways. She is always ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice. When she is not out saving series, she can be found reviewing and discussing books.



Paper Riot | Twitter

Judith is a compulsive book buyer by day, serial killer killer by night. She doesn’t just spend her time saving the world from book amnesia, but is also on a special mission to try to teach the other Recaptains how to speak Dutch. The key word here is “try”.



artsy musings of a bibliophile | Twitter

Sana is a chai tea person who loves to read either up on the roof because of the beautiful view of the mountains or while snuggled up in her orange beanbag. She’s always busy doing something; even if it’s just binging TV shows, listening to music, reading about technology or feeling giddy about books.



Life According to a Bibliophile | Twitter

Kailia’s super powers are maked by the facade of a regular college student. When she’s not saving the world, Kailia’s usually reading or writing or watching something on Netflix. And if she’s not doing that, she’s busy trying to get a degree so she can go to even more college afterwards. As you can tell, Kailia doesn’t have much of a life but she tries.



All About Books | Twitter

Crini is the coding superhero of the team. When she’s not being amazing getting the website to work, she’s yelling over Patrick Ness, Brandon Sanderson, V.E. Schwab or Pynch, or saving the world with spreadsheet tutorials.



A Daring Adventure | Twitter

Sydney is a multitude of things, but she’s mostly in love with books, Bastille, and The Raven Cycle. She works in a bookstore and drinks a lot of Red Bull. Most days though she just reads and reviews books for her blog.

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    Thanks so much for this website. It has helped me with so many series. Can’t wait to see the next ones!! :)

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