Forbidden: Discover the Legend by Tina Smith

The basics

Title: Forbidden: Discover the Legend


Series: Wolf Sirens #1

- Forbidden (July 2012)
- Fever (November 2012)
- Night Fall (August 2013)

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Goodreads Summary:

Misunderstood seventeen year old Lila Crain unwillingly moves to the foreboding town of Shade, prepared to face her punishment - Shade High. But she can't begin to anticipate the life-altering events that lie in wait for her.

The dark and charismatic Reid has a wolfish grin and amber eyes that would make any girl blush and he has his sights set on the new girl in school.

Reid's stunning friends - including icy top dog Sam - invite Lila into their clique. Suspicious, yet flattered by their attention she answers the intriguing call like a moth to a flame.

Thrillingly introduced to the local nightlife by the enigmatic group, Lila finally feels like she belongs. But her newly found friendships threaten to turn sour when she unwittingly develops feelings for the leader's off-limits boyfriend, Sky.

Tensions rise further when a quirky local named Cresida warns Lila to stay away from the clique at all costs.

Undeterred, she is irresistibly drawn to uncover the truth behind their mysterious lifestyle. Lila unwittingly starts off a chain of events that will forever alter fate for both hunter and hunted as she learns they have been waiting for her...

Inspired by the legend of the femme fatale goddess, Artemis, Wolf Sirens is a compelling gothic masterpiece of paranormal romance.

Forbidden, Fever, Night Fall and the soon to be released Dusk in Shade - all continue the tale of Lila Crain, the heroine with the chip on her shoulder, on an epic paranormal journey in which forbidden love threatens to destroy the underworld.

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in short

Lila Crain moves to the foreboding country town of Shade after her mum’s divorce/semi breakdown. The town has a curfew and is surrounded by myths about wolves. Lila has her guard up as she attends the eerie local high school, there she meets the petite and lovable Giny and discovers that she has popular friends. The enigmatic Sam, Lily, Bianca, Jackson, Reid and Sky.

Reid has a wolfish grin and amber eyes that would make any girl blush and has his sights set on the new girl in school. Introduced to the clique and invited to the river – Lila finally feels like she belongs and she begins to date Reid.
When Lila is warned by the quirky Cresida James to stay away at all costs, she is suspicious but skeptical. Against her better judgement Lila joins the popular kids. After being thrillingly introduced to the nightlife she is persuaded to join their dance group. But the situation threatens to turn sour when she unwittingly develops feelings for the leader’s off-limits boyfriend, Sky. Jealousy runs rife and at practice one morning Lila is attacked suddenly by a member of the clique who morphs into a wolf – the red haired, Lily – who is shot dead in front of her. Lila is saved by crazy Cresida – maybe she isn’t so nuts after all. This event forever changes things for hunter & hunted as Lila learns they have been waiting for her. Lila tries to break it off with Reid but he isn’t getting the message and she is conflicted as her crippling crush on Sky grows everyday. Lily’s death is painted as a suicide and Lila learns after the funeral that she was the one who turned Reid.
Hostility between Reid and Sky seems high and they get into a fight. Sam takes Lila home and tells her that it is over between her and Reid and that she is out of the group. Lila is determined to find a way back in, despite what she knows.
Then Sky surprisingly reciprocates Lila’s unmet desires when he climbs in her window after fighting with Reid to seemingly check that she is okay and they fall in love. Enraging Sam, the leader. Sam tries to bite Lila but she is saved just in time by Cres and Sky. In the aftermath Sky goes missing to seek help for his injuries. Lila soon realizes that she is chosen by Artemis to keep the wolves in check and everything makes sense – her urges to exercise, her never ending energy and increasing strength. Cresida must train Lila to take her place as the next huntress of Shade.

While training Lila is told that Sky is dead…

what happened in Forbidden: Discover the Legend?

  • Lila moves from the city and goes to eerie Shade High.
  • She is ignored until the clique invite her in.
  • She is wary, but lets down her guard even after being warned away by Creisda.
  • She dates Reid after being invited to the river.
  • But has increasing feelings for Sky, Sam’s Boyfriend.
  • Lily is killed.
  • Reid and Lila break up.
  • Sky reciprocates Lila’s crush. Sexy scene.
  • Sam is angry.
  • Cres and Sky save Lila from getting ‘turned’
  • Lila comes to the realization that she is the next huntress.
  • Sky is dead.

how did it end?

After Cres and Sky save Lila from Sam’s attack, Sky is whisked away to seek help for his injuries. Cres takes care of Lila and then trains her as the next huntress. One night while training Lila is told by Reid devastatingly that Sky is dead. Cres comforts her.

anything else

Old’s – Means parents/parentals
Canteen – means cafeteria
The author is Australian so some spelling is different – Aussies use the English dictionary. Words have U’s in them, like Honour and Mum.

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