The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

The basics

Title: The Girl From Everywhere


Series: The Girl From Everywhere #1

- The Girl From Everywhere (2016)
- Untitled (2017)

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Goodreads Summary:

Nix’s life began in Honolulu in 1868. Since then she has traveled to mythic Scandinavia, a land from the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, modern-day New York City, and many more places both real and imagined. As long as he has a map, Nix’s father can sail his ship, The Temptation, to any place, any time. But now he’s uncovered the one map he’s always sought—1868 Honolulu, before Nix’s mother died in childbirth. Nix’s life—her entire existence—is at stake. No one knows what will happen if her father changes the past. It could erase Nix’s future, her dreams, her adventures . . . her connection with the charming Persian thief, Kash, who’s been part of their crew for two years. If Nix helps her father reunite with the love of his life, it will cost her her own.

In The Girl from Everywhere, Heidi Heilig blends fantasy, history, and a modern sensibility with witty, fast-paced dialogue, breathless adventure, and enchanting romance.

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in short

Slate is trying to get back to 1868 Hawaii but can’t because Nix is on board and Nix was a baby in Hawaii in 1868. They get involved with the Hawaiian League in 1884, and they are asked to steal money from the treasury. In 1884, Nix meets Joss, who turns out to be her Navigating grandmother and the one who orchestrated this whole thing, really. She’s very clever. There’s also a wonderful guy called Kashmir <3 and a not so great guy called Blake. We don’t like Blake. Anyway, Nix and the crew go to the tomb of an old Chinese Emperor and get a bunch of clay soldiers. They return to Hawaii, shit goes down, and Mr Hart betrays everyone in sight. He tries to take Nix with him on the Temptation but instead gets taken away by the Night Marchers. Blake joins the crew and everyone is disappointed. Slate chooses Nix instead of going back to find Lin and it’s adorable. The End.

what happened in The Girl From Everywhere?

  • The book begins in 1774 Calcutta, where Nix is trying to buy a mythological bird that can allegedly cure all ailments.
  • Kashmir (*__*), Nix’s best friend, is being chased by guards because he stole something. He and Nix run back to the Temptation with the bird.
  • Slate tries to Navigate to 1981 New York in order to sell the tigers, but for some reason he arrives in 2016 – his true timeline – instead.
  • Slate buys a map for 1868 Hawaii. He has been trying to get back there for years, ever since Nix’s mother, Lin, died, but hasn’t been able to.
  • The map gets the Temptation to Hawaii, but they’re in 1884 instead.
  • Nix goes exploring and comes across Joss’s shop in Chinatown. Joss is very vague about all sorts of things. She gives Nix a small dragon that used to be Lin’s.
  • Nix meets Blake. He takes her on a tour of the island and mentions a healing spring and the Hu’akai Po – the Night Marchers. These will be important later.
  • Mr D, who is part of the Hawaiian League, arrives on the ship and wishes to discuss business with Slate. He seems to have orchestrated this whole thing, including having the map dated incorrectly.
  • Slate, Nix, and Kashmir meet Mr D, Mr T, and Milly at Joss’s shop. They want the island’s money, which will bankrupt the king and help the League gain control of the islands. In exchange, they’ll give Slate a map of 1868 Hawaii so he can get back to Lin.
  • Slate obviously agrees to at least think about this.
  • Slate is to meet Mr Hart, Blake’s father, at a party next month.
  • Kashmir and Nix have a lot of cute scenes. This is important because they are OTP.
  • Kashmir, under the guise of being Nix’s tutor and dance instructor, attends the ball with Nix. They plot to steal the map so that they don’t have to steal the money.
  • The plan obviously goes wrong. Nix stumbles upon Kash seemingly flirting with Mrs Hart. She is appalled, as I am. Nix has the map by this point. She hears her father convince Mr Hart to join them on the ship and leave Hawaii with the map. Which Nix has just stolen. Kash and Nix are about to sneak away when Blake arrives and causes a stir. Mr Hart gets angry and backs out of the plan, reverting back to the original one.
  • Slate is angry with Nix and I am angry with Blake.
  • Nix brings Joss the bird and gives her back her eyesight. She realises Joss knows how to Navigate. Joss reveals that she can see the future. She says that she is to die in the Great Fire of 1886, in Chinatown. Joss arrived in Hawaii in 1886 after the fire, and then went back to 1841.
  • It’s revealed that you can’t go to a place that you’re already in. So that’s why none of the maps worked. Slate was alive in New York in 1981, and Nix was a baby in 1868 Hawaii. So with her on-board, Slate can’t take the Temptation to save Lin.
  • They get Blake to draw a map of present day (1884) Hawaii so that when Slate leaves on his mission he can come right back. “But perhaps Mr. Hart can go to hell anyway.” Kashmir is my spirit animal.
  • The Temptation crew travels to Emperor Qin’s tomb in the second century B.C in search of the Shiji. They find the warriors, and take some with them. On this journey, Slate teaches Nix to Navigate. Nix leaves the 1886 map behind in the tomb for Joss to come across when she needs to leave. In case you didn’t know already, Joss is Lin’s mother.
  • They return to Hawaii and Blake gets very angry about how they’re planning to steal the money. Mr Hart has lost his shit and starts shooting. He tells Slate that he plans to leave with his wife aboard the Temptation. Nix will Navigate. HEEEELLLLL NO.

how did it end?

So everyone is at the cave by this point. Mr Hart is about to shoot Slate and Kashmir and take Nix with him. Blake arrives and tries to be the hero. It’s revealed that Mr Hart’s brother is Blake’s father. Oops. Anyway, Mr Hart shoots Blake, and tries to take Nix away. Then Nix hears people marching and drops to the ground. Mr Hart, not caring for the legend of the Night Marchers, doesn’t, and he gets taken by them. It turns out that Blake drew the map and believed in the legends, so they became real.

Nix gets Blake to a healing spring and he’s completely healed. Unfortunately, he joins them aboard the Temptation. Slate has the map now, and Nix tells him that he can’t get there with her on board. But Slate chooses Nix in the end, and we can all agree that Nix is basically co-captain now. Then they set off for somewhere new and I’m left craving the next book.

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