Upcoming Sequels for July 2019

This is our list of upcoming sequels for July 2019. If you know of any that aren’t on our list, feel free to leave a comment! We’ll also include links to our recap(s) of the series so that you can refresh your memory and get started on the new releases!

We thought it would be useful to include a list of the upcoming sequels (or first books in a new series) that are coming out each month so you know what you could get your hands on. We’ll be posting a list every single month in order to help you keep track of new releases.

Upcoming Sequels for July 2019

1. Queen of Ruin by Tracy Banghart (Grace and Fury #2)
2. Immunity by Erin Bowman (Contagion #2) – Contagion Recap

1. Age of Legends by Michael J. Sullivan (Legends of the First Empire #4)

1. Jade War by Fonda Lee (Green Bone Saga #2) – Jade City Recap
2. Soul of Stars by Ashley Poston (Heart of Iron #2) – Recap coming soon!

1. Dark Age by Pierce Brown (Red Rising #5) – Red Rising Recaps

New Series for June 2019

1. The Beckoning Shadow by Katharyn Blair
2. Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim
3. The Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson
4. The Rage of Dragon by Evan Winters
5. The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen

Which upcoming sequels are you most looking forward to? Personally, I’m super excited to read Jade War after just recently finishing Jade City. Immunity promises to be pretty good as well since I really enjoyed Contagion! 

If there are any other sequels coming out that you would like a recap for, or if you would like us to recap any of the books mentioned above, let us know in the comments below.

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