The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

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Title: The Atlas Six


Series: The Atlas #1

- The Atlas Six (2020)
- The Atlas Paradox (2022)

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The Alexandrian Society is a secret society of magical academicians, the best in the world. Their members are caretakers of lost knowledge from the greatest civilizations of antiquity. And those who earn a place among their number will secure a life of wealth, power, and prestige beyond their wildest dreams. Each decade, the world’s six most uniquely talented magicians are selected for initiation – and here are the chosen few...

When the candidates are recruited by the mysterious Atlas Blakely, they are told they must spend one year together to qualify for initiation. During this time, they will be permitted access to the Society’s archives and judged on their contributions to arcane areas of knowledge. Five, they are told, will be initiated. One will be eliminated. If they can prove themselves to be the best, they will survive. Most of them.

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What happened in The Atlas Six?

  • At the beginning of The Atlas Six we are introduced to the six main characters of the book.
  • Libby and Nico are physicists who can control matter. Reina is a naturalist who is offered fruit from the Earth. Callum can manipulate people’s emotions. Tristan can see through illusions, and Parisa is a telepath.
  • All of them are the very best at what they do, and they have been chosen to initiate for the Alexandrian Society. Atlas Blakely goes around to round them up. They’re all quite keen to join such a society.
  • The crew get together and they immediately start to divide into teams. Nico and Libby and Reina on one side, and Tristan, Callum, and Parisa on the other. Not good. 
  • They’re told they’ll have to eliminate one person from the group to become initiates. Everyone assumes this means they’ll vote.
  • Nico speaks to Gideon in his dreams, but can’t tell him where he is.
  • Parisa sleeps with Tristan.
  • A group breaks into the building in the night. Tristan and Libby work together to get rid of one of the illusionists, Nico and Reina fight together, and Parisa witnesses Callum manipulate the other illusionist.
  • Parisa sleeps with Dalton and discovers a) he’s an animator and b) elimination means actual elimination – they’ll have to kill one of the group.
  • Nico is surprised to find Gideon’s mother in the bathroom. She’s trying to find her son. Clearly the wards aren’t strong enough to keep a mermaid out.
  • The group study. Libby finds that Tristan is able to see time, and if he tells her what it looks like she’s able to manipulate it. Interesting! 
  • Callum starts meeting with Tristan, probably to manipulate him too. 
  • The group returns home for a couple of days. They’re each individually met by members of another society called the Forum, who want all knowledge to be publicly accessible. They all turn the Forum down, although Nico never actually meets the person because he’s a falcon at the time of their visit.
  • Tristan and Parisa are chatting about the elimination process. Libby arrives and she and Tristan sleep together. No one tells Libby about the elimination process.
  • Gideon tells Nico that his mother found him and he has struck a deal with her.
  • Tristan sees Ezra as he’s exploring his powers. Ezra seems sus.
  • Just as we thought, in the interlude Ezra is talking to Atlas about starvation. Sus!
  • Parisa and Callum play a game to see who is the stronger mind controller. Callum manipulates Parisa into jumping off the balcony, however it’s revealed it’s all happening in Nico’s head because that’s where Parisa made it happen.
  • Libby learns about the elimination process and is angry with everyone for keeping it from her. She goes to speak to Atlas who confirms it must be done. She’s having none of it.
  • The others all gather together and decide it should be Callum who goes. Tristan goes to do it. Callum almost offs him too. They’re interrupted by a scream.
  • Libby is taken. The group spots her body on the floor, but Tristan says this is just a magical illusion. They don’t know where the real Libby is.
  • Everyone goes looking for her but she has vanished off the face of the earth. Turns out she’s with Ezra, who has been working with Atlas for years.
  • Ezra and Atlas were initiates together. They faked Ezra’s death. As Era can travel through time, he travelled and waited for Atlas to be ready. Atlas moved up through the ranks of the Society, and is now planning on taking it down. Or creating a big bang. Or something.
  • Ezra took Libby away to keep her safe. He’s fairly fond of her.

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