Slated by Teri Terry

The basics

Title: Slated


Series: Slated #1

- Slated (May 2012)
- Fractured (April 2013)
- Shattered (March 2014)

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Goodreads Summary:

Kyla’s memory has been erased,
her personality wiped blank,
her memories lost for ever.

She’s been Slated.

The government claims she was a terrorist, and that they are giving her a second chance - as long as she plays by their rules. But echoes of the past whisper in Kyla’s mind. Someone is lying to her, and nothing is as it seems. Who can she trust in her search for the truth?

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In short

Kids under the age of 16 that are considered at risk for criminal or terrorist behavior are taken by the government to be slated rather than imprisoned.  The process involves surgery that erases their memories and personality.  Kyla has been slated, but she has memories and a mind of her own.  She falls in love with a slated boy named Ben.  They realize other people, not just kids are being abducted by the government for no reason.  They work together to find the truth.

What happened in Slated?

  • Kyla wakes up in a hospital in London.  She has been slated and undergone 9 months of recovery.  She is being picked up by her new family today.  Her new sister is also slated.
  • Slated kids must be retaught everything from the fact that knives are sharp to the need to look both ways before crossing the street.  Kyla has forgotten a lot, but starts to discover she has some memories and traits leftover from her old self.  As the story progresses she realizes she knows how to drive, is left-handed, good at drawing, and hates broccoli.
  • She attends Group for the first time and meets Ben.  It doesn’t take long for them to start crushing on each other.  Everywhere she goes there are Lorders (men in gray suits watching everyone).  She meets another girl named Tori that talks back a lot.  She ends up disappearing.
  • Slaters have to wear a device on their wrist called a Levo that monitors their emotions.  Any time they get angry, sad, etc. the level drops.  Kyla blacks out at one point due to a nightmare (memory) she has.  She learns that running can help elevate her level.  She and Ben run a lot together.
  • A lot of students are slater haters and give Kyla a rough time, especially a girl named Phoebe.  Kyla is supposed to tell her mentors everything, but she doesn’t.  Her mentor Mrs. Ali makes subtle threats, implying that she better fly under the radar and stop asking questions.  Kyla does not tell her about Phoebe.
  • Kyla’s cat has been missing.  It turns our Phoebe has it and notifies Kyla it is at the vet.  Phoebe is then taken by Lorders at school.  In art class the next day Mr. Gianelli is clearly upset about what happened to Phoebe.  He tells students to draw something they care about.  He drew Phoebe.  The next day he was dragged out of school by Lorders.  He is an adult though, so no one knows where they take him.
  • Kyla goes with Jazz & her sister Amy to his cousin Mac’s house.  She learns that criminals aren’t the only ones slated.  There is a database of missing kids.  They find her face.  She is missing.  Her real name is Lucy Conner. She tells Ben about this.  They run a lot and discuss what to do.  They kiss.
  • Kyla and Ben see Mac again.  Ben is not in the database, but he want them to help expose what the government is doing.  Kyla is against this idea, but Ben is not.
  • Phoebe’s Uncle tracks down Kyla one day when she is walking with Ben.  He blames her for Phoebe being taken away.  Ben tries to defend her, but his levels drop and he falls to the ground.  Embarrassed that he is so controlled that he can’t protect her, he decides he wants to join the AGT (Anti-Government-Terrorists).  To do this he plans to remove his Levo.  There is no proven method to do this without dying or experiencing severe seizures.
  • Dr. Lysander from the hospital knows Kyla is different.  She attempts to bribe her for information.  A terrorist attack occurs while there.  Kyla sees Phoebe.  She has been slated.
  • Kyla tries to stop Ben from trying to remove his Levo, but ends up helping him after she has nightmares about it.  It doesn’t work and Ben has a seizures.  She leaves to avoid being blamed for what happened.  Paramedics and Lorders come for Ben.
  • Kyla gets depressed.  She has some heart to hearts with her Mum and realizes she is on her side.  Dad is not.  He threatens her to fall in line or he will return her.  Kyla realizes her Levo levels do not drop when she is angry, which makes no sense.
  • A hot creepy guy named Mr. Hatten becomes her new biology teacher after her own teacher has been in a car accident.  He seems to know Kyla and keeps dropping hints.  He asks her if she is hearing the voices.  He says he has been looking for her.  She runs away.
  • Phoebes Uncle Wayne follows Kyla on a walk.  He corners her, but somehow triggers something within her.  She kicks his ass and starts having memories.  She remembers Mr. Hatten (Nico).  He trained her and made her mind immune to slating.  She was an experiment.

How did it end?

After kicking Uncle Wayne’s ass, Kyla’s mind opens.  She starts to hear voices and see memories.  A part of her mind was trained to stay closed off so that slating would be ineffective.  It worked.  The Levo does not control Kyla.  She is now hellbent on a mission to find Ben and see what happened to the others that have been taken by the Lorders.

Anything else?

Slated –  Surgery performed to erase a person’s memories and personality.
Levo – A bracelet worn by Slateds to control their emotions. If they get too sad, or too angry their bodies start to shut down as their Levo’s alert the hospital and government.
Lorders –  The Government: Law and Order Movement – these men are responsible for keeping an eye on people. They are also the ones that abduct people without notice.
AGT (Anti-Government Terrorists) – a group of people targeting the government to overturn it and stop people from being Slated.

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  • I am just about to start Fractured and with my poor memory I am definitely giving this a read first, thanks so much for this wonderful blog!

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    I always find reading a detailed summary always helps me understand and enjoy the book more. Thankyou

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    Great summary especially the part about beating Uncle Wayne’s A**! (:

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