Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater

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Title: Call Down the Hawk


Series: Dreamer Trilogy #1

- Call Down the Hawk (2019)
- Mister Impossible (2021)
- Untitled

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Goodreads Summary:

Ronan Lynch is a dreamer. He can pull both curiosities and catastrophes out of his dreams and into his compromised reality.

Jordan Hennessy is a thief. The closer she comes to the dream object she is after, the more inextricably she becomes tied to it.

Carmen Farooq-Lane is a hunter. Her brother was a dreamer . . . and a killer. She has seen what dreaming can do to a person. And she has seen the damage that dreamers can do. But that is nothing compared to the destruction that is about to be unleashed. . . .

Here is a spoiler summary of what happened in Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater to help refresh your memory before you read the sequel.

What happened in Call Down the Hawk?

  • Carmen helps the Moderators kill her brother Nathan, who is a Dreamer.
  • Ronan goes to visit Adam at Harvard with black gunk flowing from his nostrils because he’s spending too much time away from the ley line and Dreaming.
  • In one of his dream, Bryde tells Ronan someone wants to kill him.
  • Adam introduces Ronan to some of his friends. Ronan questions why Adam is hiding things from his new friends, and Adam says it’s so they don’t judge him.
  • In another dream, Bryde tells Ronan about the Fairy Market and that Declan knows things about it. Ronan accidentally brings some crabs back from the dream, and has to kill them. Adam helps, and he gets told off for damaging the dorm.
  • Ronan is no longer allowed on campus.
  • Ronan goes to find Declan and asks about the Fairy Market.
  • Carmen is grieving for her brother. She’s on her way to find more Dreamers in order to prevent the world from ending. She heads to DC, and along with a person called Parsifal, she heads to the Fairy Market.
  • There’s a party, where a Dreamer called Jordan is trying to get invited to the Fairy Market. She’s denied, but when people break into her house, Jordan is able to steal their invitation and go to the Market.
  • Jordan is a Dreamer who has cloned herself.
  • At the Fairy Market, Ronan and Declan look around and hear people talking about Bryde.
  • Declan has been looking for a painting called The Dark Lady.
  • Jordan and her clones head to the Market too and she and Declan flirt. Hennessy, the original Jordan, tells Jordan about The Dark Lady painting and that someone has bought it.
  • Ronan spots a woman who looks like his mother. He chases after her but isn’t able to catch up.
  • Carmen receives a message from Bryde, warning her off of killing people. Carmen and Parsifal have to flee.
  • Bryde speaks to Ronan in his dreams again.
  • Ronan asks Gansey about a card he was given at the market. It’s got a logo of Boudicca on it.
  • The building the Fairy Market was in is burnt down. Ronan goes to look, and while there he sees his mother again, as well as someone who looks just like him. He chases after the pair, but doesn’t make it very far because the black gunk chokes him and makes him pass out.
  • Ronan wakes up on the city outskirts.
  • Carmen and Parsifal head to where they think Ronan is, but they get there too late.
  • Ronan calls Adam and explains what’s been going on.
  • Ronan realises the person who looked like him actually looked like his father, he just didn’t realise until now.
  • Carmen and Parsifal report another Dreamer, this time an old lady.
  • The clones steal Declan’s painting and replace it with a copy while Jordan is on a date with him. Declan inspects the painting after the date but can’t find anything of note.
  • Adam shows up for Ronan’s birthday.
  • Adam tries to find Bryde using his own trance methods, but he’s attacked instead. Adam gets freaked out and heads back to Harvard.
  • Liliana is hitchhiking and gets a ride with a family. The car crashes, and Liliana seems to turn into a teenager and then a child… She asks the owner of a gallery about Hennessy, who seems to have forged a painting. The owner doesn’t know anything.
  • The clones think the painting they stole should stop Hennessy from bringing back more clones from her sleep.
  • Bryde tells Ronan there’s a Dreamer in danger and tells Ronan to go and find him.
  • Ronan shows up at Hennessy’s place and saves her and Jordan from drowning. Ronan proves he’s a Dreamer and questions Hennessy about her clones. She refuses to tell him the truth about her dreams.
  • Declan has to go and get Matthew from the waterfall. Matthew realises he’s part of a dream and heads to church. Ronan tries to console him but Matthew isn’t having any of it.
  • Jordan plans to get a flower tattoo to match Hennessy’s.
  • Jordan gives the painting back to Declan and proceeds to paint a portrait of him.
  • Carmen argues with Parsifal, who storms out.
  • Liliana is staying with a family, who then die. Liliana is stuffed into a fridge and starts to suffocate. Carmen and Parsifal find her, and now she is an old woman.
  • Hennessy tells Ronan about her dream. Ronan takes Hennessy to Lindenmere for some intense dreaming.
  • Matthew is very upset about the whole “I’m a dream” thing. Declan reveals that his real mother is Mor O Corra, the woman in the Dark Lady painting.
  • There’s a Boudicca card behind the painting. Declan goes to meet the group, and finds a man who looks like his father. This clone (?) is named The New Fenian. He warns Declan to stay away.
  • Carmen and Liliana go to see Ramsay, who has just killed the old lady that Parsifal reported. Carmen is angry with how this has turned out.
  • Declan and Jordan head to his place and admire his paintings. Declan finally realises that Jordan is a dream like Matthew.
  • Jordan returns home to find three of the clones dead. Declan helps June fight off her attackers, who are looking for Ronan and Matthew.
  • June is killed.
  • Hennessy has been dreaming of her mother’s suicide and dreaming near Opal isn’t helping. Ronan calls Bryde, who tells them to find him.
  • The Lace manifests from Hennessy’s dream and it wants to destroy the world. Ronan gets rid of it and tries to teach Hennessy to control her dreams a bit more.

How did Call Down the Hawk end?

  • Ronan receives a call from Declan, telling him that Matthew is in trouble. Ronan asks the forest for help, and it sends sundogs to look after Matthew.
  • Ronan reaches Declan’s house, which has been destroyed. Declan, Matthew, and Jordan are all okay.
  • Liliana is shocked to find that she has been manipulated by the Moderators and she hates how violent they have been. Liliana agrees to stay with Carmen for the time being.
  • Ronan goes to find Bryde. He and Hennessy enter the Lace, and manage to fight it off. They wake up and find Moderators surrounding them, and Bryde actually IRL trying to protect them. The three of them fight off the Moderators and fly away… on a hoverboard…

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