Killman Creek by Rachel Caine

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Title: Killman Creek


Series: Stillhouse Lake #2

- Stillhouse Lake (2016)
- Killman Creek (2017)
- Wolfhunter River (2018)
- Bitter Falls (2020)
- Heartbreak Bay (2021)
- Trapper Road (2022)

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Gwen Proctor won the battle to save her kids from her ex-husband, serial killer Melvin Royal, and his league of psychotic accomplices. But the war isn’t over. Not since Melvin broke out of prison. Not since she received a chilling text…

You’re not safe anywhere now.

Her refuge at Stillhouse Lake has become a trap. Gwen leaves her children in the protective custody of a fortified, well-armed neighbor. Now, with the help of Sam Cade, brother of one of Melvin’s victims, Gwen is going hunting. She’s learned how from one of the sickest killers alive.

But what she’s up against is beyond anything she feared—a sophisticated and savage mind game calculated to destroy her. As trust beyond her small circle of friends begins to vanish, Gwen has only fury and vengeance to believe in as she closes in on her prey. And sure as the night, one of them will die.

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what happened in Killman Creek?

  • Gwen Proctor plans to use herself as bait to catch her serial killer ex-husband. Melvin Royal is AWFUL and she wants to take him down now that he has escaped from prison.
  • Gwen allows Javier and Kezia to take care of her children while Gwen goes on her mission. She takes Sam with her, as he has a personal vendetta against Melvin for killing his sister.
  • Also he wants to protect Gwen because OTP.
  • The duo find a rich man called Ballantine Rivard, who seems to be investigating Absalom.
  • Rivard shows them a video that his investigator found, which seems to show Gwen helping Melvin abduct a girl. Sam’s sister, actually. Rivard says this is probably faked, but Sam is now on edge.
  • Melvin contacts his son, Connor, through a phone that was smuggled to him. Melvin shows Connor the video, who then shows it with Lanny, Javier, and Kezia. They all believe what they’re seeing.
  • Gwen goes back to speak to her kids, but they ask her to leave because they’re distraught by the video. Gwen needs to prove it’s a faked video so she can see her kids again.
  • Gwen shares her bait plan with Sam and he agrese to help her. Absalom call Sam and offers to hand Melvin to him if Sam gives them Gwen.
  • Gwen is kidnapped by Absalom. It starts off okay because Sam and FBI Mike track Gwen, but then Absalom remove the tracking device from the van.
  • Sam recalls seeing a truck with the name Rivard on the side, and he realises that Rivard is the head of Absalom. Oh dear.
  • Sam and Mike torture Rivard for information, and he tells them where Gwen has been taken to. Rivard reveals that Melvin plans to kill Gwen on camera for a paying audience, like a really weird OnlyFans.
  • Gwen wakes up in a plantation house in Louisiana. She plans to fight. She wounds Melvin and kills a guard all by herself. Yesssss!
  • Gwen gets hold of a gun. Then Sam and Mike arrive and it’s all good. They reassure Gwen that Melvin is dead in the hallway, but Melvin actually jumps up and is about to kill Sam when Gwen shoots him again. Just like Scream!
  • Gwen and her children are reunited and move back into the house on Stillhouse Lake. Sam moves in with them. Gwen finds a letter from Melvin in the mail, and realise that someone else must have sent it because Melvin is 100% dead this time. Gwen drops the letter in the lake.

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