Have no fear! The Recaptains are here!

We – Amber, Betty, Hannah and Judith – solemnly swear to protect the world from literary amnesia and serial killers. We swear to protect our fellow human beings and to spread the love for books. We don’t believe in fear. We have faith that the world can be better, and will be better. How Did This Start?

Betty: “OMG, can you believe Skunk in the Trunk comes out on Tuesday?!?!”

Judith: “I know!!! I have been waiting an entire year for that book! WOOOOO!!!”

Amber: “Ahhhh! Junk in the Trunk was the bomb. I am so stoked for this final book of the series!

Hannah: “HOLD UP! You guys, I still need to read Punk in the Trunk. I only read the first book.”

Betty: “What happened at the end of Junk in the Trunk??”

Judith: “I was going to ask you the same thing. Hell, I can’t even remember that creepy guy’s name from Punk in the Trunk.”

Amber: “Don’t look at me.”

Hannah: “I think it’s time. Time to call in a RED ALERT. TIME TO ALERT THE RECAPTAINS!!!!!”

We did what any good citizens would do in the face of such a dire need. We took matters into our own hands and decided to save series everywhere. United to save series one book at a time, we became………………  THE RECAPTAINS!!!  RECAPTAINS ASSEMBLE!

As true superheroes know, you can never stop fighting crime. There’s always another bad guy to fight or another person in need of saving. Or, in our case, there’s another new series or book being published! The end isn’t near, but this sure is a beautiful beginning. It’s a dangerous mission, but we’ve got it covered. The plan you ask? We will review books as quickly as possible to prevent future RED ALERTS.

With The Recaptains, you’ll never again have to re-read a book before picking up the next one in a series. We’re saving series one book at a time!


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