Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins

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Title: Sweet Evil


Series: The Sweet Trilogy #1

- Sweet Evil (May 2012)
- Sweet Peril (April 2013)
- Sweet Reckoning (May 2014)

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Goodreads Summary:

Embrace the Forbidden
What if there were teens whose lives literally depended on being bad influences?

This is the reality for sons and daughters of fallen angels.
Tenderhearted Southern girl Anna Whitt was born with the sixth sense to see and feel emotions of other people. She's aware of a struggle within herself, an inexplicable pull toward danger, but it isn't until she turns sixteen and meets the alluring Kaidan Rowe that she discovers her terrifying heritage and her willpower is put to the test. He's the boy your daddy warned you about. If only someone had warned Anna.

Forced to face her destiny, will Anna embrace her halo or her horns?

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in short

Anna finds out that she’s half angel, half demon, meaning she’s a Nephilim. Specifically, she’s the daughter of the Duke of Substance Abuse. She meets a guy called Kaidan, the Nephilim son of a human and the Duke of Adultery. He takes her to see a nun in California, as well as her father. Along the way, Anna learns a bit about what she is. The nun, Sister Ruth, dies before Anna gets to see her, but Anna is given a Sword of Righteousness. Anna and Kaidan return home. Anna’s father finds her and trains her to handle her drink. There are some parties, and Anna meets some of Kaidan’s Neph friends. In the big climax, Anna tries to save a Neph from being killed by the Dukes, and fails. The Dukes try to punish her but a warrior angel turns up and saves her.

what happened in Sweet Evil?

  • Anna and her friend Jay go to a club where Lascivious is playing. Kaidan Rowe, who will later become the love interest, is part of the band. Anna finds him hot, but he’s clearly an ass.
  • Anna turns sixteen and her adoptive mother says she’ll take her to get her license. Patti, her adoptive mother, fostered Anna when she was a child and then later adopted her.
  • Anna has heightened senses. She often used to get headaches. It was the only time she was sick when she was younger. Her wounds also heal quickly.
  • A guy called Scott invites Anna and Jay to a party. Scott drugs Anna, but Kaidan turns up and takes Anna outside before Scott can do anything to her.
  • Anna and Kaidan talk about Anna’s powers. Apparently Kaidan has some of the same ones as Anna does. Their bodies fight off anything foreign. They can see auras. Anna’s father is called Jonathan LaGray. They’re interrupted when Jay fights with Scott for drugging Anna.
  • Patti tells Anna the story of how she was adopted. An angel came to see Patti and told her that there was a baby waiting for her in Los Angeles. One of the nuns at the orphanage, Sister Ruth, told Patti that Anna’s mother was an angel of light, and her father was a demon. Anna’s empath abilities come from her mother.
  • Anna should also be able to see guardian angels.
  • Kaidan is a half demon. Anna decides to go and speak to him. While she’s at his house, she meets his father – Richard Rowe, aka Pharzuph. He laughs at Anna for being a virgin, I guess because he’s a demon of lust. Anna finds out that her father was a demon of substance abuse so she has the same problem.
  • Kaidan and Anna go to talk to Patti. Patti tells them that they should go on a roadtrip to talk to Anna’s father and to see Sister Ruth. They head out to California.
  • Kaidan starts touching Anna to help her develop her senses even more, and it’s all very creepy and weird. No me gusta. They then kiss.
  • There’s a demon spirit at a cafe where Anna and Kaidan are having breakfast. Demon spirits put thoughts into people’s heads, and the guardian angels’ messages along with the human feelings have to battle it out against the demons’.
  • Nephilim go to hell like their fathers.
  • Anna’s father and Kaidan’s are two of the twelve Dukes, who are “the bosses of evil on earth”. The other ones deal with the seven deadly sins (sloth and gluttony are one), lying, murder, hatred, theft, adultery, and substance abuse. Then there are 654 whisperers/Legionnaires.
  • They reach California, and it turns out that Sister Ruth is comatose.
  • The Dukes made sure that the Neph won’t have children so that they won’t try to overpopulate the earth and take over like they did before the Great Purge.
  • Anna goes to see her father, John LaGray, in prison. He tells her how he met her mother, and how he became a Duke. He used to be an angel, as did Anna’s mother, back before Lucifer fell. Mariantha didn’t like Lucifer, but John started going to meetings to hear Lucifer speak. Lucifer insisted that God was going to forget about the angels in favour of humans. John fought with Lucifer, and his side lost. Seventeen years ago, he came across Mariantha again as she was a lady’s guardian angel. Since the woman was dying, Mariantha climbed into her body. She and John got together again. Since then, John has never led another soul to sin, and has been giving false reports to Lucifer for sixteen years.
  • “The purpose of life is to find your way back to a spiritual way of thinking and living.
  • Sister Ruth dies. She left Anna a Sword of Righteousness, which was used by the angels during the war.
  • Anna and Kaidan return home. Anna’s sad because she’s in love with Kaidan.
  • Anna is followed by two Neph – Kopano and Blake. They’re friends of Kaidan’s. Twins Marna and Ginger turn up. They all go to a party and play Truth or Dare. Kaidan dares Kope to kiss Anna because he saw the two of them talking and got jealous. He apologises afterwards.
  • Anna’s father turns up and tells her it’s time for her training. She needs to work out what her drinking limits are.
  • Anna has a nightmare, and the “Whisperers” come and talk to her. She gets scared. Kope and Kaidan arrive because they’re worried about her. The two guys argue and Anna overhears. Anna’s father turns up, and Anna figures out that he sent the demons.
  • Anna and her father start her training. While she’s not allowed to do drugs – ever – they work out that Anna can have one drink every eighteen minutes and still be able to function pretty normally. Her father gives her some money and a car.
  • Anna goes back to school and Scott, the guy from the beginning, has been spreading rumours about her. A girl called Lena reveals that she had sex with Scott, and then he left her because she was too clingy. Basically, Scott is an ass. Veronica finally sticks up for Anna and the two become good friends.
  • Anna and Veronica and Jay go to a Halloween party. Kaidan’s there. Anna tells him she thinks about him all the time. Then she tells him she’s letting him go, and falls into a depression.
  • Kaidan’s father calls a meeting with all the U.S. Dukes and some of their kids. Kaidan takes Anna to the meeting. He reveals that he and Ginger, one of the twins, used to be best friends and they used to experiment together. Then they moved away from each other and they were never that close again.
  • Anna’s father gives her bags of cocaine and marijuana to sell or give out at the New Year’s party in Atlanta. While she’s driving home, Anna pours it out of the window. There’s a note in one of the bags of cocaine, which basically says that Anna’s father knows that the other Dukes are getting suspicious of them and the fact that they’re not leading humans to sin.
  • The Neph, Jay, and Veronica go to the New Year’s party. Marna tells Anna that she was beaten and raped by the Duke of Murder’s sons.
  • Veronica sees Jay and Marna kissing and storms off.
  • Anna gets drunk and dances on the bar so that the Legionnaire spies will leave her alone. She then goes to the bathroom to throw up.

how did it end?

On New Year’s Day, there’s another meeting/party with the Dukes and the Neph. The Neph typically sit at the back and keep to themselves. The Dukes start to pick on a Neph called Gerlinda, the daughter of the Duke of Gluttony. They present her with three plates of food. One is laced with a poison that will kill her quickly, one has poison that will kill her painfully, and the third has no poison at all. If she chooses the right one, she will have another year to prove that she can be a “good” Neph.

Anna’s father tells Anna which plate is the correct one, and Anna desperately tries to communicate with Gerlinda using her mind. Gerlinda picks the right one, and the Dukes get mad. They say they’re going to kill her anyway. Anna protests, and the Dukes tell Anna she will have to kill Gerlinda herself. She refuses, and a Duke kills Gerlinda. A warrior angel turns up and protects Anna, telling the Dukes that they will not harm her. It also tells Anna that she can’t reveal the Sword of Righteousness yet.
Anna’s father says that he wishes to punish Anna in private so that the Dukes won’t know that he isn’t going to do it. The Neph leave.
Kaidan moves away to L.A.

anything else

Duke – There are twelve Dukes – demons – on Earth. They have different powers to their Nephilim children. They can use influence.
Whisperers – Demon spirits that only Neph and other demons can see.
Sword of Righteousness – A sword used during the angel wars.

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