Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

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Title: Ice Planet Barbarians


Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #1

- Ice Planet Barbarians (2015)
- Barbarian Alien (2015)
- Barbarian Lover (2015)
- Barbarian Mine (2015)
- Ice Planet Holiday (2015)
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You'd think being abducted by aliens would be the worst thing that could happen to me. And you'd be wrong. Because now, the aliens are having ship trouble, and they've left their cargo of human women - including me - on an ice planet.

And the only native inhabitant I've met? He's big, horned, blue, and really, really has a thing for me...

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What happened in Ice Planet Barbarians?

  • Georgie is abducted by what is literally little green aliens and held in a cargo ship with a bunch of other young women. It seems these little green aliens are smugglers, and are stealing women from Earth to sell to someone else.
  • Georgie and the others fight back, but it doesn’t go too well.
  • The little green aliens drop the human women off on an ice planet, saying they’ll pick them up later.
  • Georgie leaves the cargo hold to try to find out where they are, and how to get off the planet. She gets a bit lost but she bumps into a giant blue alien called Vektal.
  • Vektal resonates with Georgie, meaning she’s his mate. Georgie doesn’t have a khui – a parasite that forms a symbiotic relationship with its host – so she doesn’t feel anything. She does like Vektal though and the two get together.
  • Georgie leads Vektal back to her ship. He agrees to help the women there, but he’ll have to go back to his tribe to get help. He wants to bring all the women back with the help of his tribemates.
  • Georgie and Vektal head back to the tribe to go and get help, leaving the other women some food and furs. The others aren’t doing so great.
  • Georgie and Vektal come across an old ship, which was how Vektal’s people landed on this planet hundreds of years ago. The ship teaches Georgie Vektal’s language, and explains that this ice planet is uninhabitable. The only way for Vektal’s people (and humans) to survive is to use a khui – the parasite – to help them process the gases on this planet.
  • Georgie isn’t sure she’ll take a khui but she still wants Vektal’s help. She tells him she’ll think about it.
  • They get back to the tribe and Vektal explains the situation. Georgie is able to ask the tribe healer more about the khui in order to understand it better. It sounds like a pretty good deal.
  • Georgie returns to the other human women with Vektal and his men. They escort them out of the ship after Georgie has explained the situation.
  • Georgie realises she may be pregnant. She decides to take a khui so she can stay on the planet. The other human women have to make their choice, as they don’t have much longer to live.
  • The men hunt down an animal to obtain more khui for the women. Georgie takes hers, and is surprised by how it makes her feel.
  • They spot the little green aliens’ ship in the sky, and it flies off again once the aliens realise the human women are gone.

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