Keys to the Kindom by Joe Hill

The basics

Title: Keys to the Kindom


Series: Locke & Key #4

- Welcome to Lovecraft (September 2008)
- Head Games (September 2009)
- Crown of Shadows (August 2010)
- Keys to the Kingdom (July 2011)
- Clockworks (June 2012)
- Omega & Alpha (February 2014)

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Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's Locke & Key unwinds into its fourth volume in Keys to the Kingdom. With more keys making themselves known, and the depths of the Locke family's mystery ever-expanding, Dodge's desperation to end his shadowy quest drives the inhabitants of Keyhouse ever closer to a revealing conclusion.

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What happened in Keys to the Kingdom?

  • Tyler finds out about Kinsey and Zack, because apparently he didn’t know they were together before. He gets upset.
  • Kinsey, Tyler, and Zack walk past Erin Voss. Erin used to be friends with Rendell, Luke, and their crew. She is now in a psychiatric hospital. She calls out “Dodge!” when she sees Zack, and calls Tyler Rendell. Kinsey recalls that Erin Voss’s name was in the Drowning Cave.
  • Kinsey tells her friends about the keys.
  • Dodge turns into a woman again and gets two maintenance guys from the psychiatric hospital to take a photo of Erin and her room number so that Dodge can get in.
  • Kinsey and Bode use another key to change their race and get into the hospital. They’re desperate to talk to Erin to see what she knows.
  • Dodge breaks in and offs the maintenance guys. They were sleazy anyway…
  • Kinsey gets to Erin first and uses the Head key to look inside her head. There’s not much there. Everything is white and she seems to only recall the immediate memories, plus Rendell and Dodge. 
  • Kinsey has to flee when a nurse arrives and spots her with the bodies.
  • Kinsey offers to share head stuff (not THAT kind) with Zack. He freaks out and gets annoyed. 
  • Dodge is getting more and more desperate to find the Omega key. He knows Tyler has it, and so Dodge keeps using different keys to try to get Tyler to talk. This happens every weekend when Zack is away doing “research” in Boston.
  • Scot gets upset that Kinsey and Jamal are sharing head stuff.
  • Tyler comes across Jordan with their other friend whose name I can’t remember. Jordan basically sabotaged this relationship on purpose.
  • Tyler retrieves his hat. 
  • Kinsey babysits Rufus. Ghost!Sam talks to Rufus and tells him he has to act against Dodge. Rufus tries to tell Bode about Zack but Zack interrupts and threatens him. 
  • Duncan’s boyfriend wakes up and mentions an armed guy was in the house. Tyler goes to visit and he starts to catch on. Duncan mentions the attacker had a lip ring. Tyler starts putting the pieces together and figures out that the attacks happen every time Zack is away.
  • Zack takes part in a fencing tournament. Tyler leaves early and goes to see Rufus and Ellie so he can search Zack’s room. Ellie is acting weird, and Rufus warns Tyler that he has to leave. 
  • Dodge arrives and freezes Tyler using the music box. He fights off the detective that shows up and offs Ellie. He takes Bode away with him.
  • Dodge puts his soul into Bode’s body and gives his own body to Ghost!Sam. Sam is about to drop Dodge/Bode into the well but he is intercepted by Kinsey, who thinks Dodge is still in his own body. Kinsey destroys Dodge!Sam. Dodge is still alive in Bode’s body, and Bode is now a ghost.

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