Mina and the Slayers by Amy McCaw

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Title: Mina and the Slayers


Series: Mina and the Undead #2

- Mina and the Undead (2021)
- Mina and the Slayers (2022)

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Goodreads Summary:

Three months after Fang Fest, Mina’s settling into her new life.

Despite the teething problems in her relationship with Jared, she has her sister back, new friends and a part-time job to die for.

Over Halloween, Mina and the gang have planned a spooky week of Gothic restaurants, horror movies, ghostly tours, creepy carnivals and a costume ball.

But the fun doesn’t last. Mina is on work experience with Detective Cafferty while the police are investigating a savage masked killer and a rise in suspicious ‘animal attacks’.

During her own investigations, Mina discovers a mysterious group of slayers, who are battling to control the rogue vampires.

The threats circle closer as Mina spends her days with the police and nights with the slayers.

Will she and her friends survive Halloween without being staked, stabbed or bitten?

Read a full summary of Mina and the Slayers by Amy McCaw below. If you can’t remember what happened in Mina and the Slayers and you need a refresher, then you’re in the right place.

What happened in Mina and the Slayers?

  • Halloween is coming up and Mina is EXCITED. As if every day isn’t Halloween for her and her vampiric boyfriend, Jared.
  • Mina is planning on spending her time off school doing work experience with Detective Cafferty.
  • Nat’s brother, Will, is also taking a break from school. Or, rather, college. He comes to pick Nat up from school but Nat would rather go shopping with Mina. Nat asks Will to go and spend time with Sam instead.
  • Nat tells Mina that a girl called Laurel Jenkins was recently murdered and that the cops have no idea who did it.
  • Mina and Nat head to the shops. Mina speaks to the owner of Fanged Friends, Emmeline, who is in the know about the whole vampires thing.
  • Libby has inherited the Mansion from Thandie and is struggling to keep it running.
  • Emmeline has some letters from Thandie, which reveal that Thandie could control emotions.
  • Mina goes on Jared’s ghost tour with Libby and Della. Jared is quite good at it, and there’s one guy who writes everything down. This guy gives Jared a bunch of envelopes at the end of the tour. He has invited Jared and co. to a Halloween party at the Orchard Estate.
  • A vampire attacks Mina but Mina is able to fight her off. The witnesses think this is a performance.
  • Armand is waiting outside Jared’s apartment for him. He says he needs Jared for a task so the two go off together.
  • Mina, Libby, and Della go to Blockbuster to find a movie to watch.
  • Tessa arrives home but doesn’t want to join the crew to watch a movie.
  • Mina starts sorting through Thandie’s belongings.
  • Mina reads some reports about animal attacks becoming more regular. As everyone who has seen The Vampire Diaries will know, animal attacks aren’t real, and it’s likely vampires are behind them.
  • Mina goes to her first day of work experience with Cafferty. Cafferty asks Mina to sign a few things about secrecy and such. He reveals he has been working on the murder of Laurel Jenkins. Apparently a second person, Carl Landry, has now been killed too. They were both stabbed exactly nine times.
  • Cafferty is called into a third crime scene and heads over with Mina. Mina is meant to stay in the car but she’s meant to be experiencing work so obviously doesn’t listen. Mina sees the dead body, which is already decomposing.
  • Cafferty says this victim has only been stabbed once, unlike the others, so might not be connected. Mina realises that this victim is actually a vampire and has been stabbed in the heart.
  • Mina sees Della leaving the scene.
  • Mina and co. head to the movie theatre because Mina found some cinema stubs. Mina bumps into Sam and Will. Mina gives Will Thandie’s dictaphone in case he can fix it.
  • While the group are watching a movie, Jared realises there’s a vampire in the back row and they’re feeding. Jared goes to speak to them and it’s all good.
  • Mina asks Della what she was doing at the crime scene and Della denies everything. Later on though Mina follows Della as she sneaks out of the house.
  • Della catches on pretty quickly and reveals she has been going to a vampire slayer club. She’s not allowed to talk about it. Mina attends with her and meets a few slayers. Della’s aunt, Jacklean, is one of them.
  • The house is decorated for Halloween.
  • Cafferty brings his sister to see the new Candyman experience at the Mansion.
  • Mina and Jared discuss feeding. He doesn’t want to feed on her.
  • Mina finds a threatening note in her bag.
  • Mina heads home and bumps into her mum, who has been waiting for her. Mina doesn’t want to talk to her, but maybe later.
  • Mina talks to Armand about Jared and feeding and stuff. Armand takes Mina to a vampire bar called The Underground. This is where consensual feeding happens.
  • Mina bumps into Carly, who has been visiting the bar. Carly thinks this is all a cosplay thing.
  • Armand assures Mina that he didn’t help his brother in book one.
  • Mina finds a second threatening note – this time it has been put under the front door. Mina spots a shadow and is about to open the door when it disappears.
  • Mina goes patrolling with Della and Rosario. They end up in a crypt and are attacked by three vampires. They fight them off. A fourth vampire comes after them and is almost attacked too but she’s really upset that he friends are dead. Rosario asks her some questions, and Mina tells the vampire to head to the Empire of the Dead. The vampire says that a man is turning more and more vampires to build an army. Her sire was a short guy.
  • Mina reads that Thandie also knew of the Slayers.
  • Mina goes to her work experience at the station. There’s another murder, and Mina and Cafferty speak to the victim’s mother.
  • There’s a token for The Underground in the victim’s room.
  • A neighbour says they saw someone sneaking about the place wearing a mask.
  • Carly calls Cafferty to pick her up from a bad date.
  • Carly is being attacked by a vampire. Cafferty kills it with a pool cue. Mina calls the Slayers to collect the body. Carly has been seriously injured and is taken to hospital. Mina is forced to tell Cafferty what has been going on.
  • Libby is displeased that Mina and Della are getting involved with vampire slayers. Jared also gets angry about it.
  • The gang dress up for the ball at the mansion. They enjoy the party.
  • Mina ends up in a private suite and bumps into Veronica, who promises to kill Mina soon.
  • After the party, Della and Mina go on patrol. They end up in a clown museum for some strange reason. They overhear a boss vampire talking about an attack on Halloween. They don’t seem to be involved, and they don’t want to be.
  • Mina and Della stop by Fanged Friends to meet up with Emmeline. Emmeline reveals that she knew Della’s mum, and that a vampire called Veronica killed her.
  • Mina arrives at the station for work experience. She looks through the fourth victim’s belongings and finds a ticket for The Underground. Cafferty and Mina drive over there, only to find the club lit up in flames.
  • A sketch artist faxes over a drawing of a potential witness. They’re wearing a mask.
  • Mina heads home and Jared feeds on her. They make up.
  • The gang go to a restaurant and are served by the crypt vampire, who is really grateful to Mina for saving her.
  • Mina sees a statue wearing the same mask from the drawing. She calls Cafferty to inform him on what she has found.
  • A vamp called Claude Sejour asks Jared to go with him. He’s apparently the kingpin of vampires. He asks Jared what his powers are and Jared tells him he doesn’t have any.
  • They go to the carnival after dinner. A vampire tries to bite Mina and Della protects her. In the mirror maze, Mina spots Libby and Della being stalked by vampires. Mina freaks out and is separated from Jared. She’s attacked by a vampire again.
  • Jared saves Mina this time.
  • They find Libby and Della. Sam has been bitten, though. Medics arrive and Sam is taken to hospital.
  • Jared finds the vampire who was responsible and kills him. There are another two. One is killed, and the other is kept for questioning.
  • Mina finds Tessa in her room, bleeding out. She has been stabbed nine times.
  • The cops arrive and ask questions. The gang are sent to stay at the Mansion for the timebeing.
  • Mina asks Cafferty to take them to the Empire of the Dead. She feels she must speak to Armand.
  • Armand tells Mina that Veronica was sired by Claude, aka Saint Germain. Saint Germain doesn’t have any powers so he has been collecting them.
  • Armand has a vision about Veronica being on a steamboat called The Belle of New Orleans. The steamboat has apparently been decommissioned.
  • Mina and Della go and get the crew of slayers so they can go and get Veronica. They methodically kill a bunch of vamps who are onboard.
  • Paige, one of the slayers, plants explosives. Probably not a good idea. Rosario takes the remote from her.
  • There’s a massive fight involved Veronica, the vamps, and the slaters. Della’s aunt Jacklean arrives to help out. Veronica kills Monique.
  • Paige is able to kill Veronica.
  • The slayers escape the boat, and then Paige blows it up.
  • Della says she consumed some vamp blood and that she might turn. She doesn’t, though.
  • Cafferty and Jason arrive and say the cops have arrested Jason for the murders.
  • Mina and the gang go to the Mask Parade, which is fun but disturbing. Mina gets kidnapped by two vamps who are dressed as cops. She is shoved into a van, only to find that her friends have also been captured. This group is kind of unlucky, huh.
  • The vamps take the gang to Saint Germain. He’s angry about them killing Veronica. Veronica was trying to overthrow him though so it’s not the worst thing.
  • Saint Germain says he will fund the slayers. Rosario is killed and Paige becomes team leader.
  • Saint Germain sends Cafferty and Armand to New Mexico on a job. Armand admits that he is Jared’s sire.
  • Mina and co. go back to the Mansion. Mina admits to Libby that she has been feeding Jared her blood.
  • Mina wakes up early and listens to Thandie’s dictaphone. Thandie confesses that she killed Della’s mother.
  • There’s a murder mystery movie night at the Mansion. The group has fun, and afterwards they try their best to relax. The power goes out, though.
  • The phone rings, and it’s Detective Boudreaux. She tells Mina that Jason has been released.
  • The masked killer kills Officer Dupres, who was just trying to help. The killer goes after Mina, who runs and hides in the Mansion. Her arm is sliced.
  • Mina realises the killer is Sam. Sam says his sister died at The Underground and he wants revenge.
  • Mina fights Sam off and calls the police. Sam stabs Libby. Mina causes the chandelier to fall and crush Sam.
  • Jared offers to turn Libby to save her. Instead, he tries to stop the bleeding. Somehow her wound starts healing. Turns out that’s Jared’s power – healing people.
  • The cops arrive and tell Mina that Nat has been arrested for helping Sam. Nat wants to talk to Mina.
  • Emmeline admits that she wanted Veronica dead and that’s why she lied about Della’s mother’s killer.
  • Mina heads to the police station to speak to Nat. Nat admits to everything but says she didn’t want to hurt anyone. Nat tells Mina that Sam was in hospital when Tessa was murdered… and Nat was the only one around. Mina unfortunately had just turned the recorder off at that point in the confession.
  • Thankfully, the dictaphone recorded the entire thing.
  • Will is upset that his siblings are murderers. Of course.
  • The following morning, Mina receives a postcard from New Mexico. It’s from her mother, and states that she has found the girls’ father and she wants them to visit her.

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