Lore Olympus Volume 2 by Rachel Smythe

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Title: Lore Olympus Volume 2


Series: Lore Olympus #2

- Lore Olympus Volume 1 (2021)
- Lore Olympus Volume 2 (2022)
- Lore Olympus Volume 3 (2022)
- Lore Olympus Volume 4 (2023)
- Lore Olympus Volume 5 (2023)

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Persephone was ready to start a new life when she left the mortal realm for Olympus. However, she quickly discovered the dark side of her glamorous new home—from the relatively minor gossip threatening her reputation to a realm-shattering violation of her safety by the conceited Apollo—and she’s struggling to find her footing in the fast-moving realm of the gods. Hades is also off-balance, fighting against his burgeoning feelings for the young goddess of spring while maintaining his lonely rule of the Underworld. As the pair are drawn ever closer, they must untangle the twisted webs of their past and present to build toward a new future.

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What happened in Lore Olympus Volume 2?

  • Hades finally calls Persephone back and they talk. Persephone is upset after what happened with Apollo.
  • Hades admits he had a bit of a thing with Persephone’s mum, Demeter. This makes this whole thing even weirder, but they’re Greek gods so what did you expect?
  • Hera and Zeus argue. Hera is unhappy with everyone because, again, Persephone is an actual teenager.
  • Hera decides that she might have to give Hades a chance to prove himself and starts plotting.
  • Hera invites Persephone over and tells her to get a job at Hades’ office. In the Underworld.
  • Persephone is only able to attend university because she got a scholarship to go. She might lose it if anyone finds out what Apollo did to her.
  • Hera realises that someone has hurt Persephone and wonders who did it.
  • Hades takes the dogs to day care and bumps into Aphrodite, who tries to run away. They discuss what Aphrodite and Eros did to Persephone (i.e. got her trashed and dumped her in Hades’ car) and they clear the air.
  • Hades goes to work and argues with Minthe.
  • Hecate shows Hades the tabloids which show Persephone leaving Hades’ place. Hecate is unimpressed. Hecate tells Hades that Persephone is 19 years old and he is SHOCKED and APPALLED.
  • Persephone attends class and all her fellow students have read the tabloids. They’re impressed and scared.
  • Minthe asks Hades to explain himself.
  • Apollo comes to pick Persephone up from class and doesn’t really give her a choice in the matter. Thankfully a very grumpy Cerberus intercepts them and Apollo has to leave.
  • Persephone shows up for her first day of work and Minthe sends her to the Underworld where she is attacked by spirits.
  • Hades goes to save her.
  • Hecate tells Minthe and the others who Persephone is. The daughter of Demeter. The heir to a fortune. Etc.
  • Persephone beats Hades at chess.
  • Hades introduces Persephone to everyone at work during a welcome speech. No one else got a welcome speech. It’s super embarrassing.
  • Persephone meets Minthe again and doesn’t rat her out for sending her the wrong way.
  • Persephone reads the tabloids and realises everyone has been talking about her. She’s not too bothered.
  • Hades has a bit of a crisis and Minthe comes knocking at his door. We learn that she didn’t go to the party in volume one because she found that Hades had bought her an engagement ring and she was scared.
  • She and Hades hug and she sleeps in his bed.
  • Hades writes a really emo letter.
  • Hades decides to get revenge on the reporter. He sends Alecto to get him.
  • Hades and Hecate torture Alex a bit and threaten to take out his eye for what he did.

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