Lore Olympus Volume 3 by Rachel Smythe

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Title: Lore Olympus Volume 3


Series: Lore Olympus #3

- Lore Olympus Volume 1 (2021)
- Lore Olympus Volume 2 (2022)
- Lore Olympus Volume 3 (2022)
- Lore Olympus Volume 4 (2023)
- Lore Olympus Volume 5 (2023)

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All of Olympus--and the Underworld--are talking about the God of the Dead and the sprightly daughter of Demeter. But despite the rumors of their romance, Hades and Persephone have plenty to navigate on their own.

Since coming to Olympus, Persephone has struggled to be the perfect maiden goddess. Her attraction to Hades has only complicated the intense burden of the gods' expectations. And after Apollo's assault, Persephone fears she can no longer bury the intense feelings of hurt and love that she's worked so hard to hide.

As Persephone contemplates her future, Hades struggles with his past, falling back into toxic habits in Minthe's easy embrace. With all the mounting pressure and expectations--of their family, friends, and enemies--both Hades and Persephone tell themselves to deny their deepest desires, but the pull between them is too tempting, too magnetic. It's fate.

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What happened in Lore Olympus Volume 3?

  • Apollo tells his sister Artemis that Persephone and Hades have been hanging out. This is an issue because Persephone isn’t meant to have a boyfriend. Ever.
  • Hermes awkwardly asks Persephone to head to work with him. Persephone lets Hermes wait inside the apartment while she gets ready and Artemis freaks out because she’s already on edge. Persephone tells Artemis it’s fine because Hermes has already seen her naked.
  • Persephone and Artemis argue. Artemis tells Persephone what Apollo told her, and Persephone almost tells Artemis what Apollo did to her but backs out.
  • Persephone heads to work in the Underworld. Hecate shows her the library where the scrolls of life are kept. Hecate tells Persephone she’ll be helping out with deciding dead people’s fates.
  • Persephone meets Hades in an elevator and offers him baklava. He declines because he thinks it’s inappropriate to accept gifts from employees. Minthe gets on the elevator and kisses Hades in front of Persephone.
  • Other people get on the elevator too and Persephone gives them all baklava. She reveals she doesn’t have a driver’s license, even though she drove Hades’ car.
  • Hecate makes Hades take Persephone on the rest of the tour of the Underworld. She tells Minthe to rearrange his schedule.
  • A reporter asks Persephone to comment on her relationship with Hades. In front of him. She gives the reporter a basic statement.
  • Minthe and Thanatos go to complain to Hecate, which is not a good idea. Hecate tells them this isn’t a school prom, and asks to speak to Thanatos privately.
  • Hades gives Persephone the job of Shade Coordinator.
  • Persephone realises she can fly.
  • Hades takes Persephone to Acheron, where the mortal and immortal realms meet. This is where Hermes brings new souls for processing. They spot Styx, the Underworld’s most powerful river.
  • Hera speaks to Zeus about her vision and the theory that it was Apollo who hurt Persephone. Zeus is worried about ruining Apollo’s reputation. Hera spits on Zeus.
  • Persephone tells Hades that she’s still getting used to the rules in this realm. In the mortal realm she would sleep under the stars with all the nymphs, but here in Olympus everyone is quite conservative.
  • Hades asks Persephone how she ended up in tower 4. Persephone once again keeps Minthe’s secret and instead says she got turned around. Hades knows she’s lying.
  • Minthe tells Thanatos they can’t hook up any more. They decide they need to do something about Persephone.
  • Artemis apologises for shouting at Persephone. Persephone admits she has a crush on Hades.
  • Artemis recalls how they all decided to accept Persephone into the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood upon Demeter’s request. Artemis offered to let Persephone live with her because she could see that her mother was being stifling and over protective.
  • Artemis and Persephone talk about the situation and Artemis is really upset that Persephone thinks Hades is kinda handsome. Eros shows up when he senses an admission of a crush.
  • Persephone tells Eros that she’s going to let her feelings wither over time. He tells her that’s depressing. Persephone admits she feels like a loser because Hades didn’t want her baklava.
  • Artemis becomes increasingly angry and goes to give Hades what for.
  • Eros figures that Persephone isn’t a virgin and asks if she enjoyed herself. She shows him what happened and he tells her that Apollo raped her. Eros takes Persephone to his house.
  • Persephone meets Eros’ siblings. They’re adorable. They help Persephone set up a social media profile on Fatesbook.
  • Aphrodite returns home and Persephone gets a bit nervous. Aphrodite assesses the situation and figures out Persephone’s love life drama and how it relates to Hades.
  • Aphrodite assures Persephone that nymphs don’t take gods from them.
  • Eros realises he has to go and find Psyche.
  • Hades notices there’s a huge influx of souls. He and Zeus look into it, and it seems that Eros is behind it. He seems upset. Hermes goes and knocks him out to stop him.
  • Aphrodite goes to collect Eros from the waiting room. She has to speak to Zeus because Eros killed thirty mortals without permission. Aphrodite seduces Zeus so he won’t punish her son.
  • Aphrodite confronts Psyche, who tells her that Eros helped her escape from a marriage to an old man. She didn’t realise Eros was a god when she tried to stab him. Aphrodite decides this needs an experiment.
  • Hades messages Minthe to ask whether she needs picking up for their date. Minthe doesn’t reply and it gets super late. Hades gets drunk.
  • Hades reads Persephone’s letter to Hecate and realises he must have met Persephone before the party. But he can’t remember doing so.
  • Hades calls Hecate in a crisis. Hecate explains that they were in the mortal realm, Hades got drunk and passed out. Persephone came across him and that’s where they met.
  • Thetis takes Minthe out for drinks and sabotages Minthe’s date with Hades. Thetis gets Minthe super drunk and puts her down a lot. Minthe wakes up the next morning and feels awful about missing her date with Hades.
  • Persephone calls Hades to ask how he is (he hasn’t sent her a friend request on Fatesbook yet), and Minthe calls at almost the same time. Hades rejects Minthe’s call to speak to Persephone. Persephone asks if Hades is okay as he messaged her at 4am.
  • Persephone starts trying to figure out how to leave the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood. She’s worried because they’re paying for her student fees. She hopes she can pay them back with money from her internship.
  • Hades goes to the library to ask for a memory. He wants to remember where he met Persephone. The sisters agree to break the rules and get the memory to him when it’s ready. This is breaking the rules but they figure it’s fine since Persephone is Hades’ future queen.

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