This Woven Kingdom by Tahereh Mafi

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Title: This Woven Kingdom


Series: This Woven Kingdom #1

- This Woven Kingdom (2022)
- These Infinite Threads (2023)
- All This Twisted Glory (2024)

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To all the world, Alizeh is a disposable servant, not the long-lost heir to an ancient Jinn kingdom forced to hide in plain sight.

The crown prince, Kamran, has heard the prophecies foretelling the death of his king. But he could never have imagined that the servant girl with the strange eyes, the girl he can’t put out of his mind, would one day soon uproot his kingdom—and the world.

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What happened in This Woven Kingdom?

  • Alizeh is now an orphan after her royal parents were murdered, so Alizeh had to go and be a servant in order to keep a low profile. She is the lost heir to the Jinn kingdom.
  • She can also talk to the devil, it’s all good.
  • Kamran is also from a royal family – his grandfather is the king. His father was beheaded when he was a child, leaving behind just Kamran and his mother. Kamran is therefore the crown prince, and there have been prophecies about the death of his king.
  • Kamran has just finished his military tour. He watches as a boy attacks Alizeh in an alley because he’s starving and needs food. Alizeh stops the kid.
  • Kamran thinks there must be something more to Alizeh because a servant wouldn’t be able to defend themself like that. He thinks she is a spy. Kamran tries to intervene even though Alizeh was perfectly capable of handling the situation.
  • A guard tries to arrest the boy but Kamran stops him. Everyone starts talking about this because why would the prince save a random street rat?
  • Hassan, Kamran’s advisor, seems to know exactly who she is. Hassan tells Alizeh that they’ve been looking for her for years. He gives her an item that will tell her if people are lying to her. It will be warm for truths, and turn cold for lies.
  • Alizeh goes to an apothecary to find something to help heal her hands, as she has been commissioned to make a bunch of dresses.
  • Alizeh kind of bad mouths Kamran, and then realises that that might not be the best idea because he’s the crown prince. She leaves the apothecary very abruptly with her salves.
  • King Zaal – Kamran’s grandfather – hears about what happened with the street rat boy. The king tells Kamran that he can’t be kind like that as the crown prince. He says Kamran also put himself in danger and everyone will think him soft.
  • The king suggests that he’s going to retire and allow Kamran to take the throne. He plans to host a ball so Kamran can choose his future wife. The king would like to rush this through because he thinks a war might be brewing. Nice of him to decide to retire before war breaks out, I guess.
  • Kamran shares his theory about the “spy” he saw in the alley. The king reveals that he has been hunting Jinn royalty for years, and this spy must be one of those. He plans to kill her, and so Kamran feels bad for sharing the information.
  • Kamran tries to argue with his grandfather but the king is very adament that the girl needs to die. The king thinks she will be able to lead a resistance against him. The king asks if he fancies the girl. Lol.
  • The housekeeper lets the street rat boy in when he comes to visit Alizeh. The boy invites Alizeh to the ball, and Alizeh agrees to attend. This isn’t exactly keeping a low profile.
  • Assassins come after Alizeh and she ends up taking all of them out bar one. She sends the last one back to the king with a message.
  • Kamran is sent to speak to Alizeh, who is actually working for his aunt. He pretends to be visiting his aunt, who he chats with a bit before he ends up defending Alizeh when she drops a bucket of water. Everyone questions why Kamran is protecting a servant. They really do think him soft.
  • Kamran goes to find Alizeh and comes across her in a storage cupboard. He asks her to return to work but instead she starts packing her things. She reveals that she has been fired from her job.
  • Alizeh ends up revealing that she’s the Jinn queen, which seems a bit soon to me but I’m glad she is comfortable with him.
  • The lights go out and Alizeh freaks out because she’s scared of the dark. Kamran comforts her and they kiss. They break apart and Alizeh tells Kamran that they can’t be together.
  • The king tries to arrest Kamran for conspiring with Alizeh. Kamran is released and talks with his grandfather, who is super disappointed in him.
  • Alizeh goes to the apothecary again to speak to the owner. He says that she must have some healing magic as her hands seem a lot better now.
  • Someone dropped a package off at the apothecary for Alizeh. It’s a cute dress for the ball, and Alizeh figures this was Hassan.
  • Alizeh apologises to Ms Huda for not being able to make her dresses. Huda is the illegitimate daughter of an Ardunian ambassador. Huda becomes upset about the dresses, and tells Alizeh to finish the dress before the ball.
  • Alizeh suddenly uses her powers to turn invisible and change clothes.
  • Some random guy comes into the room, and claims he has been sent by a mutual friend. Alizeh asks him what the hell he’s doing barging in on her. The guy says he will escort her out of the palace. He suggests he kills Huda so there are no witnesses but Alizeh won’t let him. Instead they have to bring Huda with them.
  • As Kamran is getting ready for the ball. His grandfather reveals that he made a deal with the devil. After Kamran’s father was killed, King Zaal wanted to protect Kamran as he was the only heir left. The devil agreed to hold off the war.
  • King Zaal’s health is now declining and the war is about to start.
  • Alizeh and the random guy show up at the ball. Kamran demands to know how she knows this random guy, who turns out to be the King of Tulan. Alizeh obviously had no idea who he was.
  • Kamran decides he wishes to marry Alizeh (already!), but Alizeh says they can’t get married. The little boy comes to find Alizeh so she can go to Huda. The devil shows up and everything starts to break down.
  • The King of Tulan has actually been friendly with the devil, which is nice. Alizeh thought the mutual friend was Hassan, so Hassan is arrested, but nope… the devil.
  • King Zaal dies because of all the drama (and he was ill). Kamran is now king as there’s no one else left.
  • The devil promises it has plans for Alizeh.
  • The King of Tulan grabs Alizeh and as promised escorts her from the ball on top of a dragon.

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