Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

The basics

Title: Firefight


Series: Reckoners #2

- Steelheart (September 2013)
- Firefight (January 2015)
- Calamity (February 2016)

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Goodreads Summary:

They told David it was impossible--that even the Reckoners had never killed a High Epic. Yet, Steelheart--invincible, immortal, unconquerable--is dead. And he died by David's hand.

Eliminating Steelheart was supposed to make life more simple. Instead, it only made David realize he has questions. Big ones. And there's no one in Newcago who can give him the answers he needs.

Babylon Restored, the old borough of Manhattan, has possibilities, though. Ruled by the mysterious High Epic, Regalia, David is sure Babylon Restored will lead him to what he needs to find. And while entering another city oppressed by a High Epic despot is a gamble, David's willing to risk it. Because killing Steelheart left a hole in David's heart. A hole where his thirst for vengeance once lived. Somehow, he filled that hole with another Epic--Firefight. And he's willing to go on a quest darker, and more dangerous even, than the fight against Steelheart to find her, and to get his answers.

Read a full summary of Firefight by Brandon Sanderson below. If you can’t remember what happened in Firefight and you need a refresher, then you’re in the right place.

In short

David, Val and Prof go to Babylon Restored when a High Epic, Regalia, from Prof’s past wouldn’t stop sending Epics to draw Prof out to the city. She needs Prof to get corrupted so that he can be her successor as she has cancer and is dying. Her powers allow her to control water and see through ay open surface of water which is why the city is fully submerged in water. People live in tents on rooftops and the only light is from spray-paint on the walls of the buildings that glows and there are jungles inside buildings growing food. This is all due to Dawnslight, an Epic who’s always been in a coma. Regalia can intensify and take away Epic powers. Megan is in Babylon Restored because of Regalia’s claim and wants her powers taken away. Prof uses David to draw Megan out to kill her but in the end, it all works out in a way that Megan isn’t corrupted by her powers anymore. Calamity is apparently an Epic who grants powers to David on Regalia’s request but David faces his fears and isn’t turned into one. Regalia has a device made from Obliteration’s powers to melt Babylon Restored. Prof is set up to find the device just as it’s about to blow up so that he can stop it with his powers and gets corrupted. That’s exactly what happens and when Prof kills Exel and Val and intends to kill David in his evil rage as well. However, Megan is reincarnated and stops him as she also faced her fear of fire. David kills Newton and Regalia and the water retreats from the city, but the buildings hold due to the strong af roots of Dawnslight’s glowing trees. They are safe for now, but there’s much to do. Mizzy is with David and Megan, but it isn’t clear what happened to Obliteration and Tia.

What happened in Firefight?

  • The Reckoners are back in Newcago on the hunt for a third Epic by the name of Sourcefield that arrived in the city and started killing people randomly.
  • David the Steelslayer takes out Sourcefield with the help of Reckoners as well as Prof’s power gifting abilities.
  • Prof is convinced that it’s Regalia sending Epics to Newcago to draw Prof out to Babylon Restored (used to be NYC).
  • There’s obviously some history between Prof and Regalia here.
  • Also, Megan has apparently joined Regalia in Babilar and has even killed a Reckoner who belonged to the unit stationed up there.
  • David is convinced that it couldn’t be Megan and decides to accompany Prof and Tia to go looking for her.
  • They arrive in Babylon Restored and hot damn- the whole city has been submerged! in! water!
  • Seriously, the world-building is to die for!
  • People live in tents on rooftops of the skyscrapers that are out of water anywhere from one story to nth stories.
  • And oh, the walls of the skyscrapers are painted with spray-paint and that’s the source of light in the whole city because, for some reason, it glows.
  • Aaand plants and flowers grow inside buildings and there are legit glowing forests which is weird af but let’s roll with it.
  • The Reckoners unit in Babylon Restored is led by Val. Exel and Mizzy are also a part of the team and they recently lost Sam presumably because of Megan.
  • Regalia can see through any open surface of water and she can project herself via water which means that she comes to greet Prof and then sets off Obliteration after the people of the city for fun.
  • Apparently, Regalia has agreed to let Obliteration destroy Babylon Restored and she wants Prof to save her by killing her.
  • Anyway, their plan to figure out Obliteration’s weakness in order to take him out is a bust.
  • Prof had to use his powers to scare off Obliteration and that’s totally a foreshadowing of some sort because using powers literally corrupt Epics which seems to be another reason for Regalia calling Prof to her city of reign.
  • During the chase for Obliteration, Megan saves David from drowning and he sees her afterwards. Gah.
  • The Reckoners travel out of the city to Long Island on a freakin’ submarine and arrive at an underground mansion of some dead person.
  • The next day, they discuss plans to take out Regalia by luring her out on predetermined locations without and within her five-mile projection radius to help locate her base of operations.
  • But first, they plan to take out the Epics helping her: Obliteration and Newton.
  • Exel and Mizzy ask David to accompany them on a reconnaissance which involves them attending a party.
  • David is so awkward at the party, it’s hilarious.
  • He spots Newton there which actually gives him to do something useful until it turns out that she’s just attending the party.
  • Eventually, David decides to leave the party and was unknowingly being followed by Newton before Megan intervened and made David vanish.
  • In turn, David spots Newton and decides to follow her into a building where Newton meets up with Obliteration and they discuss the Reckoners and David himself.
  • David almost gets caught but Megan saves him (again) after which Obliteration gets spooked and teleports out of the building with Newton.
  • David and Megan FINALLY meet and I ship it so fucking hard.
  • SO HARD.
  • UGH.
  • U.
  • G.
  • H.
  • Alright.
  • Before she goes away, Megan gives him the motivator for the spyril.
  • David starts learning how to use the spyril and is doing his own version of learning which is ridiculous when Regalia coalesces in front of him and mentions how she created the Epic (Waterlog) on whose powers the spyril is now based.
  • Of course, that had to happen because this is a Sanderson book.
  • Oh, David also gets Regalia to give two of her points because he’s smart like that.
  • Tia and David discover that an Epic weakness could possibly be related to their nightmares or something that almost killed them when they were humans.
  • Exel is scanning signals on radio when they hear that Obliteration have been found sitting on a rooftop soaking up the sun so that he can recharge.
  • David is of the view that that’s exactly what Obliteration did before he melted Houston and a couple of other major cities and so Babylon Restored is looking at a similar fate.
  • David and Prof leave on the sub to observe Obliteration from somewhere closer.
  • Megan texts David that she needs to see him about something important. David tells her Regalia’s claim of making Epics.
  • On the way, Prof informs David that he’s been thinking of sending David back to Newcago and asks David to tell him his plan. David is taken aback but admits how he’s planning to kidnap Newton so that he can negate her powers via her weakness which could potentially turn her back into a normal human being. Prof isn’t sure but he decides to roll with it.
  • David doesn’t tell him about Megan.
  • David finds fortune cookies growing on trees inside a building that Prof drops him off at with ‘Help me’ and ‘She has me captive’ written on them.
  • David gets into position and and sends the feed to Tia who is able to guess how many days they have before Obliteration is fully charged.
  • Their plan is the same, however and they consider drowning Newton because of her ability to redirect force.
  • David spots Knoxx from Newton’s gang who’s apparently a shapeshifter Epic.
  • Knoxx meets up with Newton on a rooftop and together they isolate the building Obliteration is on by collapsing bridges and even sets a building on fire with people inside them.
  • David wants to help the people but the team disagrees.
  • He takes off on the spyril anyway but is unable to actually do anything because he wears it wrong and fails.
  • However, Prof uses his force field powers to enter the building from below and take people out of it from inside a force field with David’s help.
  • David and Val bond a little on their way back to the base while Prof gets away to recoup after using his powers.
  • Tia asks David to install a camera so that they can observe Obliteration.
  • David is passing the storage room of the mansion when Megan comes up behind him. Surprised, he takes her to her bedroom where she tells him that it’s getting difficult to not use her powers.
  • They kiss and YASSS.
  • Tia comes in David’s bedroom to give him the camera but she doesn’t see Megan.
  • David leaves with Val in the sub to install the camera.
  • He sneaks Megan in with him.
  • Val drops him off and he sneaks Megan out and together they go to check up on Obliteration.
  • Megan tells him that she came to Babylon Restored hoping that Regalia can take away her powers.
  • Megan finally explains what her Epic powers are actually about which are basically that Megan can reach into and touch other realities.
  • And oh, the devices that are powered by motivators actually probably contains the DNA of the dead Epic in order to work.
  • Megan dresses David over his spyril outfit with her powers and they reach a higher building which suits their vantage.
  • Megan knows her weakness but David doesn’t ask her what it is.
  • Why are they so adorable?
  • Megan spots for David while he takes off to the building beyond the one that the Epics burned down the other day.
  • David believes that Prof is a much powerful Epic who hasn’t been corrupted by his Epic powers yet so Megan can do the same which is when Megan decides to tell him that her weakness is fire so that he can do something about his theory of nightmares relation to an Epic’s weakness.
  • They also spot Prof inside one of the buildings.
  • David is climbing the stairs to get into a better position to put the camera in when he spots the fortune cookie trees yet again with ‘Is this a dream?’ written on it.
  • David decides to reply and says ‘It’s not’ when more fortune cookies grow stating that it’s Dawnslight and that she saw an Epic on an operating table who had something taken out of him. David asks where Dawnslight is but only gets a vague response about listening to the music.
  • David accidentally makes some noise which prompts Knoxx to come check it out and that’s when David suddenly decides to kidnap him and apply his theory on him.
  • Megan shots Knoxx in the chase and David is able to capture him when Val arrives thinking that David is actually a spy.
  • Knoxx is shot dead by Val who takes David’s things and shoots him, but the force field shield protects him.
  • Prof arrives and declares he knew what David has been up to this whole time.
  • Prof has actually been setting up David so that he can get to Megan through him. David tries to go off to warn her but can’t because Prof took the motivator out.
  • The next day, the Reckoners leave David at their base, which has now been compromised because of Megan, and go off to execute their plan.
  • David tries to find anything that can help him get out of the base but all he finds is Tia’s datapad with the video from Sam’s earpiece when he got murdered. It’s peculiarly similar to what Regalia warned David his fate would be which gives him the idea to call Regalia.
  • Regalia agrees to let David out of the base on the condition that he’d do what she wants in exchange for saving Megan’s life.
  • She leads him to Calamity, WHO IS ACTUALLY AN EPIC (WHAT EVEN IS UP), to transform David into an Epic.
  • David basically refuses to turn into an Epic and so nothing really happens to him because he’s not interested.
  • Umm what?
  • Okay, fine. David’s fear is basically of the water and after being hit by Calamity, he shoves that fear aside and as a result, doesn’t get turned into an Epic.
  • Note that Epic powers are tied to their fears.
  • David continues towards Newton’s route so that he can catch Prof and the others and stop them as Regalia knows everything and it’s all a trap to somehow corrupt Prof.

How did it end?

David runs into Mizzy who agrees to check out on Obliteration when they hear Newton talking about being bait to Regalia. She gives the spyril to David. On his way to save Megan, Regalia tries to stop David with her Epic powers and Newton. However, Dawnslight helps him when David asks him to. David figures out Newton’s weakness are compliments and kills her. Regalia tells David that he’s too late and Prof had instead used Megan as bait to draw Regalia out which obviously didn’t work. David runs to save Megan and finds out that she shot herself before the fire could kill her. Prof is there and David warns him about Regalia knowing everything and about Obliteration not being on the rooftop. Meanwhile, Val and Exel are inside Regalia’s supposed base on a tip and think Obliteration is there. In a haste, Prof gives David his powers and lefts for Regalia’s base to stop Obliteration where there’s actually a glowing-as-bright-as-the-sun fully charged device based on Obliteration powers. David knows that Megan is coming back so he leaves for Regalia’s base and runs into Obliteration on the way. They chase for a bit and David grabs him and gets teleported to where Regalia and Dawnslight are. Obliteration teleports away when David tells him about Epic weaknesses. Regalia blows up the device and as Prof tries to hold it from destroying the city, he gets corrupted. He kills Val and Exel and comes for David. David kills Regalia in a rage as she’s dying anyway and did all this for a successor. The water starts retreating from the city but the buildings hold as the roots of the flowing trees are too strong. Prof comes to kill David but Megan saves him. Megan and David both faced their fears and so aren’t corrupted. Mizzy comes for them and gives David a message from Dawnslight. They have much work left to do.

Anything else?

Dowser – A device for testing if someone is an Epic or not.
Harmsway – A device that accelerates a body’s healing abilities. (We now know this is one of Prof’s powers).
High Epic – An Epic whose protective powers prevent them from being killed in conventional ways.
Imager – A 3-D imaging device that transmits anything that a basic spynet watches or listens to inside a room.
Lorist – Humans who study Epics.
Prime invincibility – An Epic power that renders conventional methods of assassination useless such as regeneration, impervious skin, precognition, and self-reincarnation.
Spyril – A tool that functions like a water jetpack would.
Tensors – Devices in the form of gloves that create vibrations to disrupt solid objects by turning them to dust. (Also, one of Prof’s powers).

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