The Cloud Searchers by Kazu Kibuishi

The basics

Title: The Cloud Searchers


Series: Amulet #3

- The Stonekeeper (2008)
- The Stonekeeper's Curse (2009)
- The Cloud Searchers (2009)
- The Last Council (2011)
- Prince of the Elves (2012)
- Escape from Lucien (2014)
- Firelight (2016)

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Goodreads Summary:

Emily, Navin, and their crew of resistance fighters charter an airship and set off in search of the lost city of Cielis. There they hope to find help from the Guardian Council's powerful Stonekeepers. It's a mission that Alledia's survival depends on, and time is running out--Emily's got to find Cielis before the Elf King finds her.

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in short

Emily, Navin, and their crew go on a journey to find the lost city of Cielis.

what happened in The Cloud Searchers?

  • Trellis finds Luger shunk back down to human size, cowering and fearful of the king finding him.
  • Trellis refuses to return to the King as ordered; takes Luger with him to keep looking for Emily.
  • An assassin named Gabilan in hired by the Elf King to kill Trellis, Emily, & her companions.
  • Cogsley, Miskit, and Emily try to camouflage Charnon House since they will need to leave it behind.
  • Leon researches the lost city of Cielis and gives us a history lesson: Before the Elf King, the Stonekeepers of Alledia (aka the Guardian Council) ruled and there was peace. Gulfen (the nation of elves) invaded, fought for the throne, and set the city of Cielis on fire. Most believe Cielis perished, but the Resistance believes the Guardian Council hid it safely in the clouds where they could rebuild.
  • Leon, Emily, Navin, their mom, Cogsley, & Miskit set off for Nautilis, the shipping capital of Alledia, to find an airship, captain, and crew to take them to Cielis.
  • They meet brothers Enzo and Rico who are the only ones who don’t laugh off the idea of finding Cielis. Enzo is doubtful since he searched for 10 years without success. They tell him about the need of a Stonekeeper (Emily!) to enter the city, and he agrees to help.
  • Elves come searching for Trellis & Luger with orders to bring Trellis to the Elf King dead or alive. Emily feels the need to help Trellis because he asked for help defeating his father in the past and she now knows his father is the Elf King.
  • They fight the elves and all get away to Enzo & Rico’s airship, the Luna Moth, and leave.
  • Mom wants them to go back home, but Emily can’t leave, telling her she is bound by the Stonekeeper’s Curse to stay. But we then find out this is actually a lie – it is her choice to stay.
  • The Luna Moth heads for the Golbez Cycle, a dangerous storm system they must enter to reach Cielis.
  • Leon helps Emily learn how to use her Stone to defend, not just attack.
  • Wyverns (flying, dragon-ish creatures) attack the ship; Cogsley and Miskit are taken. Emily wants to go after them, but Enzo explains there is no chance of catching up with them and they have to keep moving forward.
  • They refuel at Selina’s, a woman whom Enzo has a history with.
  • Emily & Trellis talk and start trying to trust each other. Emily asks him for the truth: Elf King is actually dead behind his mask; his stone reanimated him with dark magic and needs to be destroyed. Trellis’ stone told him he must work with Emily to destroy the Elf King’s stone.
  • They leave Selina’s and make it through the Golbez Cycle, landing at an island where Emily and Trellis must solve a puzzle using their stones. Meanwhile, Gabilan who was hiding on the ship attacks Emily’s mom and holds her hostage.
  • We find out that unbeknownst to them, Trellis and Luger are actually brothers and Gabilan is responsible for their lost memories.
  • Emily & Trellis defeat Gabilan who is thrown off a cliff, but appears to have been picked up by a flying creature.

how did it end?

They meet Max Griffin and his crew who will escort them to Cielis. Max tells them about a school where he and Emily will go; the new Guardian Council will be chosen from the students there. He says the old Council is dying and seeking successors. They arrive at Cielis – which is indeed real after all.

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