The Good Luck Girls by Charlotte Nicole Davis

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Title: The Good Luck Girls


Series: The Good Luck Girls #1

- The Good Luck Girls (2019)
- The Sisters of Reckoning (2021)

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Aster, the protector
Violet, the favorite
Tansy, the medic
Mallow, the fighter
Clementine, the catalyst


The country of Arketta calls them Good Luck Girls--they know their luck is anything but. Sold to a "welcome house" as children and branded with cursed markings. Trapped in a life they would never have chosen.

When Clementine accidentally murders a man, the girls risk a dangerous escape and harrowing journey to find freedom, justice, and revenge in a country that wants them to have none of those things. Pursued by Arketta's most vicious and powerful forces, both human and inhuman, their only hope lies in a bedtime story passed from one Good Luck Girl to another, a story that only the youngest or most desperate would ever believe.

It's going to take more than luck for them all to survive.

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what happened in The Good Luck Girls?

  • We have five girls who were sold into a “welcome house” as children and raised to please the men who visit. They’re trapped inside by their magical brands and are unable to escape.
  • Clementine is about to experience her “Lucky Night”, meaning she’s about to be put to work. Clementine wonders about Aster’s Lucky Night, which Aster refuses to talk about.
  • The girls all give Clementine a gift. She receives some Sweet Thistle, which should take her mind off things. Aster asks Clementine not to use it, as it makes the girls’ brains foggy. Clementine promises that she won’t.
  • Violet is the favourite of Mother Fleur, this is important later.
  • Clementine kills the guy who paid to spend the night with her and goes to get Aster. She desperately needs help.
  • Aster concocts a plan to escape. It’s never been done before. Aster gets Tansy and Mallow to help them. Violet stumbles across and into their plan. Violet wants them to take them with her, and she says she can give them information that no one else has been privvy to.
  • Violet tells the others that she knows where Lady Ghost is. Lady Ghost is a legend, and to find her they’ll have to travel across Arketta towards Killbank. The girls head off, and try to avoid highwaymen along the way.
  • Violet starts to experience withdrawals from the Sweet Thistle so they girls have to go to an apothecary. They see some wanted posters that people have put up for the girls, partly for their escape, partly because of the guy Clementine killed, and partly because they currently have hold of a theomite ring that they stole.
  • The guy who Clem killed was the son of someone very important, hence the wanted posters and the very high reward.
  • A boy called Zee shows up and offers to help the girls. He seems sus at first but he slowly starts to gain their trust. Initially he’s after the ring, but the girls are saving it for Lady Ghost so she can get rid of their markings.
  • Zee warns the girls that two ravener hunting parties are tracking them. One party is only a mile away when Zee wakes the girls up and tells them they need to leave.
  • The girls get away and head to Scarcliff. They try to break into a safe and then get chased off. Mallow gets shot.
  • Zee takes them to an abandoned mine, which is one of the bases of The Scorpions. They are allowed to stay there for a bit, as Zee knows the captain, Sam. The Scorpions help people cross over the Scab. Aster suggests they work together.
  • Violet shares how her mother was a Good Luck Girl too, and that she fell in love with a man who got her pregnant. Her mother waited six years for the man to return and he never did, so eventually her mother couldn’t live any longer.
  • Aster manages to off a ravener who has been after them. It’s pretty cool.
  • Aster and Clem talk about potentially going to find their parents but they think it could be too risky.
  • The girls come across a young girl called Adeline. She’s about to be sold. They return her home.
  • The group splits up. Zee and Aster are nearly captured, or killed. They manage to escape though so it’s all good.
  • Zee admits that his father was a ravener and taught him how to track. He later took his own life out of guilt.
  • The girls wake up to find Violet gone. They figure she has gone to find her father. They go to find her, and she’s very upset. She wanted to get rid of her father, but she was unable to do it.
  • They figure that Mother Fleur has been lying to Violet all her life.
  • McClennon catches up with the girls and captures them. The raveners try to get the girls to confess.
  • The girls escape, but Violet has to stay behind. The girls plan on finding Lady Ghost once and for all. They head to a mine, and they come across a bunch of women, all of which go by the name of Lady Ghost. It’s an “I am Spartacus” moment.
  • The Lady Ghosts explain that they help girls cross the border into Ferron, but they’re unable to get rid of the girls’ brands. The girls plan to cross the border after some rest, but Aster wants to stay behind to help other girls, and also to get Violet back.

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