Vengeful by V. E. Schwab

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Title: Vengeful


Series: Villains #2

- Vicious (2013)
- Vengeful (2018)
- Victorious

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Sydney once had Serena—beloved sister, betrayed enemy, powerful ally. But now she is alone, except for her thrice-dead dog, Dol, and then there's Victor, who thinks Sydney doesn't know about his most recent act of vengeance.

Victor himself is under the radar these days—being buried and re-animated can strike concern even if one has superhuman powers. But despite his own worries, his anger remains. And Eli Ever still has yet to pay for the evil he has done.

Here is a spoiler summary of what happened in Vengeful by V. E. Schwab to help refresh your memory before you read the sequel. If you need help remembering what happened in Vengeful, then you’re in the right place.

What happened in Vengeful?

  • Victor and Eli are BACK.
  • There’s this whole new badass character called Marcella. She’s married to a mob guy called Marcus, who has been a bit of a git. His whole family is part of the mob so it’s to be expected that he’s awful.
  • Marcus kills Marcella, which is unfortunate, but she’s rescued and brought back to life.
  • Victor has been asking people to help him with something (we don’t know what that something is yet). He’s currently in a lot of pain, so it could be something to do with that.
  • Victor kills a guy who is unable to help him. Then Victor himself dies from the overload of pain/electricity in his body.
  • Over the past five years, Victor has been dying on and off. It’s a bit worrying. Victor thinks so too, and that’s why he has been looking for people to help him with this… slight issue. He hasn’t found anyone yet though.
  • Sydney has been practicing her necromancy/reanimation skills.
  • We flash back to four years ago, and see Victor start taking lots of drugs to try to fight off the pain. He’s at a club trying to find a dealer when he bumps into a woman called June.
  • June is pretending to be a stripper but really she’s a SHAPESHIFTER ASSASSIN. She’s at the club to kill a guy.
  • Dominic works for EON (Stell’s EO hunting company, not the power company) on Victor’s orders.
  • Three years previously, June gave Sydney her number and the two keep in touch.
  • Sydney finds out that Victor had her sister, Serena, killed.
  • Victor teaches Sydney to use a gun.
  • Marcella wakes up in hospital, and now she’s officially an EO. She’s able to make things disintegrate. She escapes the hospital and goes to find her murderous husband.
  • Marcella kills Marcus and a bunch of his friends. No regrets.
  • EON has Eli. They tortured him, and now they’re using him to find other EO’s, and in particular they want Marcella. EON lets Eli out to help find her.
  • It turns out that Eli (as a child ) killed his abusive father and was put into care. His foster parents died in a care accident which effed Eli up even more.
  • Marcella returns to her apartment and takes out the EON agents that are there. June shows up and helps, which is nice, I guess.
  • June has a List of people to kill. She wants Marcella to help her kill Tony Hutch. Together they get rid of him, as June shifts into Tony. They describe it as a voodoo doll ability.
  • June and Marcella get a bodyguard called Royce.
  • Dominic starts hearing things about Marcella, as she’s going around killing pretty much anyone she feels like. Dominic reports this back to Victor.
  • Sydney gets herself together and is able to bring a bird back to life. Kind of. She plans to resurrect Serena.
  • EON plans to use Eli to stop Marcella.
  • Marcella meets with Stell and offers him a deal. He tells her to find The Hunter (who is Victor). If she does so, EON will leave her alone.
  • June connects the dots and realises The Hunter has been with Sydney. June finds out where Sydney currently is and starts following Victor around. She doesn’t kill him like she is supposed to.
  • Marcella reports back to Stell and says she has found the person he’s looking for.
  • Victor’s group heads to Merit to find a healer. June follows them.
  • Victor goes to find the healer by himself. June warns Sydney that EON have lured them all to Merit. Sydney tells June where to find Victor.
  • Thankfully, Victor realises that this is all a trap. June helps him escape. They head to a bar, and June invites Victor to a party that Marcella is throwing at The Old Courthouse.
  • Sydney sneaks away from Mitch to resurrect Serena.
  • Victor goes to meet Marcella before the party. Marcella offers to team up with Victor (or for him to team up with her, really). Victor says no, so Marcella tells EON where he is staying. June is angry with Marcella for putting Sydney in danger.
  • Sydney decides her sister was a bad person and doesn’t want to resurrect her any more.
  • June warns Sydney that EON knows where she is.
  • Victor finds Stell and warns him to keep Eli under lock and key. Stell knocks Victor out, so that plan didn’t exactly work out. Not sure what he was expecting, really.
  • Eli takes out all of his trackers while he’s alone.
  • Victor is now imprisoned by EON. Dominic is not currently able to help as he’s locked up, but he eventually escapes and lets all the EO’s out. Dominic is shot trying to save Victor.
  • After being drugged by June, Sydney wakes up and goes to Marcella’s party. Mitch, Victor, Eli, and the rest are heading there too. It’s the party of the century.
  • Of course, with this many people there a massive fight breaks out. Eli and Marcella fight and it’s kind of epic as Marcella tries to disintegrate Eli, and Eli regenerates. Pretty cool.
  • Marcella eventually dies by falling through the floor. Eli escapes but is captured again by Doctor Haverty.
  • Victor goes after Eli <3
  • Doctor Haverty uses a drug on Victor that stops his abilities. While Haverty is distracted, Eli kills him.
  • There’s a teeny tiny fight between Victor and Eli but it’s all fine, they love each other really.
  • I think.
  • Sydney shows up just in time and shoots Eli.
  • Victor uses Haverty’s drug to stop his pain issues.
  • Victor kills Stell. He’s supposed to meet Sydney but doesn’t get to their meeting place. No one knows why.
  • June makes sure she’s not recorded anywhere.
  • Eli is being kept by EON. Again.

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