The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

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Title: The Princess Diaries


Series: The Princess Diaries #1

- The Princess Diaries (2000)
- Princess in the Spotlight (2001)
- Princess in Love (2002)
- Princess in Waiting (2002)
- Princess in Pink (2003)
- Princess in Training (2006)
- Party Princess (2006)
- Princess on the Brink (2006)
- Princess Mia (2007)
- Forever Princess (2008)
- Royal Wedding (2015)

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Yeah, right.

One minute Mia's totally normal. Next minute she's heir to the throne of Genovia.

Well, her dad can lecture her until he's royal-blue in the face, but no way is Mia going to behave like some posh princess. And they think she's moving to Genovia? Er, hello?

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What happened in The Princess Diaries?

  • Mia Thermopolis lives with her mum, Helen, in a small apartment in Greenwich Village. And her cat, of course.
  • Mia’s father, who is no longer with her mother, tells Mia that he can no longer have children because he had testicular cancer. Because of this, he tells Mia that he is the Prince of Genovia. This makes Mia a princess and the heir to the Genovian throne.
  • Mia, of course, freaks out.
  • Mia doesn’t want to move to Genovia, so she and her father compromise. Mia can continue to attend her school in New York, as long as she takes princess lessons with her grandmother.
  • Mia’s grandmother is very strict, and Mia doesn’t particularly want to do princess lessons, so Mia declines.
  • Mia’s father bribes her by promising to donate $100 a day to Greenpeace if Mia goes along with this.
  • Mia keeps her heritage a secret from everyone at school, including her best friend Lilly.
  • Lilly discovers that a deli nearby gives Asian students a discount and asks other students to sign a petition and boycott the place. She wants Mia’s help, but Mia is busy taking secret princess lessons. Lilly and Mia fall out for a bit.
  • Mia’s grandmother gives Mia a makeover, and Lilly becomes jealous, saying that Mia is turning into a cheerleader.
  • Mia becomes friends with Tina when she can’t sit with Lilly at lunch. Tina’s father is a sheikh, and comes to school with a bodyguard. The pair bond, and Mia defends Tina against Lana, one of the popular cheerleaders at school.
  • A popular guy and Mia’s crush, Josh, talks to Mia one day. Mia is a bit flattered until she realises that a newspaper has outed Mia as royalty.
  • Mia’s father hires a bodyguard for Mia. The bodyguard’s name is Lars.
  • Lilly is still annoyed with Mia and craps on the Genovian government. Michael defends Mia and her family because he’s lovely.
  • Lana tries to befriend Mia but she’s awful.
  • Josh breaks up with Lana because he now wants to get with Mia. He asks her to the school dance.
  • Mia wears a GORGEOUS dress to the dance and heads there with Josh. Mia soon realises that Josh is using her for fame and quickly gets rid of him.
  • Lilly and Mia make up.
  • Mia dances with Michael <3 Who then shows her a song he wrote which is clearly about her.

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