The Princess Diaries: Third Time Lucky by Meg Cabot

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Title: The Princess Diaries: Third Time Lucky


Series: The Princess Diaries #3

- The Princess Diaries (2000)
- Princess in the Spotlight (2001)
- Princess in Love (2002)
- Princess in Waiting (2002)
- Princess in Pink (2003)
- Princess in Training (2006)
- Party Princess (2006)
- Princess on the Brink (2006)
- Princess Mia (2007)
- Forever Princess (2008)
- Royal Wedding (2015)

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Sometimes I think I must be the luckiest girl in the world. I mean, really. Think about it: I may not be pretty, but I am not grossly disfigured; I live in New York City, the coolest place on the planet; I'm a princess; I have a boyfriend. What more could a girl ask for?


Mia's love life is a disaster- and being heir to the throne of Genovia sure doesn't help.

Because while Mia's finally got herself a boyfriend, he's SO not the right guy. The one she really wants is Michael, but he's not available now he's going out with Judith who clones fruit flies. Would Michael ever prefer Mia to the fruit fly girl? As if!

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What happened in The Princess Diaries: Third Time Lucky?

  • Mia is currently in a relationship with Kenny, her lab partner, but she really doesn’t like him in that way. She asks her friend Tina for advice because Tina reads a lot of romance novels and seems to know what she’s talking about.
  • Mia is supposed to be going to Genovia at Christmas to address the country for the first time. She is doing a lot of prep work with her grandmother.
  • Mia meets her second cousin, Sebastiano. He’s a fashion designed and her grandmother seems to love him. Her father doesn’t get on with him, though.
  • Sebastiano starts designing Mia’s outfits for her trip.
  • Mia also has finals coming up and she’s worried because she still can’t grasp algebra.
  • Mia is sad because her crush, Michael (also Lilly’s brother) has a girlfriend called Judith who can clone flies.
  • Mia and the group go ice skating and it goes terribly when Kenny tries to lead Mia around. Michael can skate backwards though.
  • Mia starts writing anonymous notes for Michael. She hides them in his locker with Tina’s help.
  • The group of friends go out to a restaurant and Mia realises that Lilly’s boyfriend Boris is actually really sweet.
  • Lilly tries to arrange a walk out at school and Mia has to intervene by illegally pulling the fire alarm.
  • Mia starts receiving yellow roses in her locker, which Tina tells her mean everlasting love. Mia wonders who is giving these to her when her own boyfriend hasn’t even invited her to the winter ball yet.
  • Kenny does tell Mia he loves her though and she freaks out. Because she loves Michael.
  • Mia’s grandmother has Sebastiano send photos of Mia in her outfits to the press. Clarisse says this is to improve Mia’s self esteem. Mia freaks out because she doesn’t want to support the fashion industry and this was all without her consent.
  • Mia smashes Lana’s phone because Lana is rude. Mia gets suspended for the day.
  • Mia releases a statement saying all proceeds from the outfits will go to Greenpeace. Sebastiano is upset about this at first but she wins him over.
  • Sebastiano gives Mia a green dress for the winter ball, which she still isn’t invited to.
  • Mia returns to school on Monday and realises that Boris has been leaving the roses in her locker because he’s her Secret Santa. See, he’s adorable!! Mia was meant to be Tina’s Secret Santa but forgot.
  • Mia thought it was Michael for a moment and freaks out.
  • Finals go well and Mia passes Algebra with a B+, which is a minor miracle. She hugs Michael out of excitement.
  • The day of the ball arrives. There are no classes because the finals are over, so the students spend the day in the gym going to different stalls.
  • Michael has been working on something for computer club and invites Mia over. He says he has a special program for her. It’s a cute animation with a poem saying he loves Mia.
  • Mia freaks out and runs off crying. She heads to the bathrooms and talks to Tina.
  • Kenny has followed her and breaks up with her because Kenny thinks she’s having an affair with Boris!!!
  • Mia freaks out even more and goes and sits on the fire escape at the loft and refuses to move. Her grandmother comes to get her and talks her into going to the ball by herself because princesses don’t run away.
  • Mia attends the ball and Michael talks to her. Turns out Lilly already knew Mia fancied her brother so that part isn’t a big deal. Michael tells Mia he does love her and he wasn’t making fun of her. They kiss and it’s the best night of Mia’s life.
  • The next day Mia flies to Genovia. Her father threatens to sit somewhere else if she doesn’t stop talking about Michael.

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