Giant Days Volume 2 by John Allison

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Title: Giant Days Volume 2


Series: Giant Days #2

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Continuing their first semester at university, fast friends Susan, Esther, and Daisy want to find their footing in life. But in the face of hand-wringing boys, holiday balls, hometown rivals, and the willful, unwanted intrusion of "academia," they may be lucky just to make it to spring alive.

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What happened in Giant Days Volume 2?

  • The group go shopping for dresses to wear to the ball. Esther is unable to return some worn clothes even though she left the labels on, and gets kicked out of her usual shop. They all go to a vintage shop instead and Esther is able to alter the clothes. Everyone ends up looking lovel!
  • Daisy almost bumps into Nadia at the ball but Susan and Esther help her escape.
  • Esther takes to the dancefloor and finds out the gross boys have set a bet to see who can sleep with her.
  • Susan and McGraw get together.
  • Daisy tries kissing Ed but feels nothing.
  • Everyone heads home for the winter break. Susan and McGraw end up on the same train, which is awkward because she snuck out of his room that morning.
  • Esther and Daisy can’t get hold of Susan so they go looking for her in Northampton. The people are the comic/vinyl store tell them that Susan has upset the Shaws and is probably in trouble.
  • Susan did indeed report on Karen Shaw, which was a mistake.
  • Daisy and Esther go to find McGraw, who has a massive black eye. He tells them the Shaws own a nightclub and the group heads there. McGraw isn’t allowed in.
  • Susan is indeed there. She is trapped in a room above the club.
  • Daisy comes up with a plan through meditation. Esther has to distract everyone in the club, start a fight, and then they can go and break Susan out.
  • Thankfully Susan survives her rooftop encouter with Karen Shaw. She’s almost pushed off the roof but she is fine.
  • Back at university after the winter break, Esther realises she has exams in two weeks’ time. The heating in the dorms is also broken.
  • Daisy tries to help Esther revise but Esther isn’t a very good student.
  • Esther didn’t realise she cold bring notes into the exam but Ed tells her so.
  • Daisy sees condoms in Susan’s shopping basket.
  • Sus!
  • Esther takes a fancy to the invigilator at her exam.
  • Daisy sees Susan and McGraw making out. And shortly after everyone else knows about it.
  • Esther passes only one of her exams. Not good. But it’s okay because she has a date to go to.
  • The group goes ice skating and no one likes Esther’s new boyfriend, mostly because he’s ancient (read: 27).
  • Esther meets her new boyfriend’s friends and they’re all boring and ask her about politics.
  • Daisy watches too much Friday Night Lights and makes it her whole personality.
  • McGraw builds a sled for Susan so she doesn’t have to struggle through the snow on campus.
  • Esther meets the faculty members at a dinner with her boyfriend. He tells her off for talking too much and embarrassing him. So she gets revenge and embarrasses him further. Turns out the faculty actually quite like Esther and think he’s boring.

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