Majesty by Katharine McGee

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Title: Majesty


Series: American Royals #2

- American Royals (2019)
- Majesty (2020)
- Rivals (2022)
- Reign (2023)

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Power is intoxicating. Like first love, it can leave you breathless. Princess Beatrice was born with it. Princess Samantha was born with less. Some, like Nina Gonzalez, are pulled into it. And a few will claw their way in. Ahem, we're looking at you Daphne Deighton.

As America adjusts to the idea of a queen on the throne, Beatrice grapples with everything she lost when she gained the ultimate crown. Samantha is busy living up to her "party princess" persona...and maybe adding a party prince by her side. Nina is trying to avoid the palace--and Prince Jefferson--at all costs. And a dangerous secret threatens to undo all of Daphne's carefully laid "marry Prince Jefferson" plans.

A new reign has begun....

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What happened in Majesty ?

  • Beatrice’s father has died, making Beatrice queen. Robert, her father’s previous advisor, tells Beatrice to take care of herself because she’s really struggling with the new responsibilities and the requirement for her to marry Teddy.
  • Beatrice tells Robert she wants to cancel the wedding, but he tells her she has to do it in order to appease the Americans.
  • Nina is partying with her friends. She’s invited to the Potomac races and she agrees to go even though her ex Jeff is going to be there.
  • Everyone else is at the races too, it turns out. Daphne is thinking about how much she loves Jeff.
  • Jeff talks to Nina and Daphne’s mother makes some very pointed remarks.
  • Sam chats to Teddy, who tells Sam that he’ll still be marrying Beatrice. Sam feels a bit down because she had been expecting Bea to cancel it, but she figures she didn’t have a chance to speak to her father about it before he died.
  • Sam gets upset and has a go at Teddy for choosing Bea.
  • Connor visits Bea in her office, and she has to tell him that she’ll still be marrying Teddy. They have a tearful departure and Connor says he’s going to resign.
  • Daphne tries to get Jeff’s attention at a party and it doesn’t work. She asks Ethan to help her by distracting Nina so Daphne can pursue Jeff. She asks that Ethan spies on Nina at college.
  • Ethan hates this idea and asks Daphne out. She declines, but she offers to make him an earl in exchange for his help, so he agrees to spy on Nina.
  • Sam spots Teddy and Bea together at a party and heads out to the balcony where she meets the Duke of Orange, who is called Marshall. Orange didn’t originally join America after the war.
  • Marshall is on the balcony avoiding his ex, Kelsey. Sam suggests they head back to the party together to make both Kelsey and Teddy jealous.
  • Nina bumps into Ethan on campus. He follows her to her journalism class and sits next to her. They end up partnering on a project, which they discuss over lunch. Nina tells Ethan she doesn’t understand why she’s friends with Sam as they’re so different.
  • Bea has a wedding dress fitting. She’s still upset about the Sam thing. Robert undermines her choices and she goes out into the hall and bumps into Teddy. They chat a little and she cries about her dad’s death. Teddy says they should always be honest with each other and they two decide to work on trusting one another.
  • Himari has woken up from her coma and calls Daphne to come and visit her. Daphne goes to see her, but she feels guilty because she caused Himari to fall by spiking her drink with sleeping pills to hide the fact that she was sleeping with Ethan.
  • Himari tells Daphne she doesn’t remember anything from the party or what happened to make her fall.
  • Robert tells Sam that she needs to attend up to 180 parties a year as the heir apparent. Robert plans on finding Sam a date for the next event. Sam leaves very upset. She and Marshall bump into one another and he asks for his pin back.
  • Sam asks Marshall to attend Bea’s wedding with her as her fake date.
  • Bea and Teddy go on a date together and he invites her to visit his childhood home.
  • Sam tells Nina about her and Marshall’s fake dating plan. Nina doesn’t tell Sam that she quite likes Ethan.
  • Nina and Ethan hang out in her room and they end up kissing. Ethan leaves very quickly after that.
  • Sam becomes jealous of Bea and Teddy at the wedding rehearsal.
  • Sam and Marshall almost kiss when they practice dancing.
  • Sam and Jeff host a party while Bea and Teddy are out of town visiting his parents. Daphne and Himari attend. Daphne and Jeff have a bit of a moment, but Daphne thinks about Ethan instead.
  • Meanwhile at Teddy’s family home in Boston, Bea and Teddy bump into one another while Bea is in lingerie and Teddy is stark naked. Oops.
  • Bea finds letters that reveal that Teddy’s family is suffering massive debts. She and Teddy argue about this and Teddy accuses Bea of being in love with someone else.
  • Nina tells Sam that she fancies Ethan and then goes off to find him.
  • Marshall pushes Sam into the pool and then jumps in after her. They kiss and someone takes photos. Sam realises that Marshall knew people would take photos so he kissed her for the publicity.
  • Teddy and Bea play video games in the media room. Teddy asks what Bea would do if she weren’t Queen. Bea says she would like to travel the world.
  • Bea adopts a puppy and names it Franklin.
  • Bea and Teddy kiss. Bea wants to sleep with him but she’s tipsy and Teddy gently declines.
  • Ethan drives Nina back to campus after the party. Nina tells him she really likes him and Ethan admits he likes her too. They kiss.
  • Sam’s mother and Robert tell Sam that she has to pretend to be with Marshall officially now that the photos have been made public. Sam gets upset and misses her dad.
  • Marshall tells Sam that the photo was to make Kelsey jealous, which upsets Sam even more.
  • Sam and Daphne chat after Daphne is stood up by Jeff. Sam asks Daphne to teach her how to deal with the press.
  • Himari gifts Daphne a bag as a thank you for being a good friend. Himari remembers that she caught Daphne and Ethan together and Daphne confesses to spiking her drink.
  • Himari gets upset and kicks Daphne out.
  • Daphne’s mother asks her why she hasn’t been asked out by Jeff yet. Daphne calls Natasha and asks her to run a story for her in the press.
  • Bea redecorates her office so she feels more comfortable. She looks over the wedding guest list and sees Connor is on it. She intercepts Connor’s invitation and hides it away in her desk.
  • Nina bumps into Jeff, who asks her about her and Ethan because a reporter called him.
  • Nina heads to Sam’s room and sees a text from Daphne, saying she’s on her way. Nina gets upset about the secrets she has been keeping from Sam.
  • Daphne gives Sam lessons on how to deal with the press. Sam accidentally tells Daphne that her and Marshall’s relationship is completely fake. She almost lets slip about Bea and her true feelings. Daphne notices this.
  • Daphne meets with Ethan, who is angry that Daphne told a reporter about him and Nina.
  • Jeff and Marshall play basketball together. Jeff tells Sam he approves of Marshall and Sam gets sad.
  • Sam goes to Bea’s office and looks through the desk. She finds Connor’s invitation and a drawing he did of the two of them. Sam realises that Bea loves Connor. Sam mails the invitation.
  • Ethan asks Nina to be his guest at Bea’s wedding. Nina doesn’t agree immediately in case she hurts Jeff’s feelings. The two of them bond a little and scratch their initials on the Statue of Liberty.
  • Bea attends a Congress meeting. Robert is also there. He tells Bea she can’t attend until she is married. Bea realises Robert is working against her.
  • Bea heads to Nantucket to see Teddy. They talk on the beach.
  • Daphne goes to Himari’s house to try to apologise but Himari tells her to never come back.
  • Daphne contacts Robert and asks to meet up with Bea.
  • Bea meets with Daphne, who tries to blackmail her into appointing Himari’s parents as the Japanese Ambassadors otherwise she’ll tell everyone that Bea is in love with a commoner. Bea agrees and has Daphne sign an NDA.
  • It’s the 150th anniversary of Orange’s Accession and there’s a party. Sam is there with Marshall. Sam bumps into Kelsey in the bathroom and gets jealous.
  • Sam tells Marshall she wants to be a lawyer but she’s not allowed to be. Marshall tells Sam he’s dyslexic.
  • Sam sees Bea and Teddy together and realises she doesn’t have real feelings for him.
  • Marshall and Kelsey dance together in front of Sam.
  • Daphne meets Jeff for dinner, expecting an invite to the wedding. Jeff does invite her but Daphne says they’ll only go as friends. She thinks this is some sort of reverse psychology.
  • Bea goes to her father’s grave. Sam is there and tells Bea she shouldn’t marry someone she doesn’t love. Bea admits to Sam that she thinks their father died because she told him she doesn’t want to be Queen. Bea tells Sam that she is now falling for Teddy.
  • Robert asks Sam to go through the rehearsal with Teddy because Bea wasn’t there. Marshall shows up and offers to help by riding in the carriage with Sam. Marshall asks Sam why she seems upset, and Sam tells him she likes him and they kiss. Marshall officially asks Sam out.
  • Himari goes to Daphne’s house and asks why Daphne made Bea appoint her parents as the ambassadors. Daphne says it was because she’s not sure what Himari was planning as revenge for being drugged.
  • Himari tells Daphne that she knows she can’t trust her after what Daphne did.
  • The day before the wedding, Teddy gifts Bea a pair of Minnie Mouse ears. Bea tells Teddy she loves him, he says he loves her, then they have sex.
  • On the day of the wedding, Nina and Ethan spend some time together. Nina decides she doesn’t mind if the press makes her out to be a villain when they realise she’s with Ethan. They head to the palace.
  • Sam is helping Bea get ready. She bumps into Teddy when she briefly leaves the room and they agree to be friends. They hug, and Marshall sees. Marshall gets upset because he thinks something serious is happening. Sam starts to chase after Marshall. She spots Connor heading to Bea’s room.
  • Bea lets Connor in after Robert tries to get rid of him. Connor tells Bea he thought she sent the invitation so he could stop the wedding. The security alarm goes off and they have to go to the panic room.
  • The guests are all seated when the alarm goes off.
  • Daphne sees Nina and Ethan together and heads over there. Nina has gone by that point and Daphne uses the opportunity to tell Ethan she wants to be with him. Ethan rejects her because he’s with Nina now.
  • Connor tells Bea he loves her and suggests they run off together. Bea realises she has grown up and doesn’t love him any more.
  • Daphne follows Nina to an empty room and tells her she made Ethan ask Nina out. Nina gets upset but tells Daphne she will always be alone.
  • Sam is the one who pulled the alarm to give Bea time to speak to Connor. Bea tells Robert to tell the press there was a threat but there will be no more details.
  • Bea tells Robert she’s putting the wedding on hold. Robert gets angry so Bea fires him.
  • Bea asks Sam to go on the European press tour for her.
  • Sam finds Marshall and gets the driver to take them to a parking garage so they can talk. Sam explains what happened with Teddy and tells Marshall she’s going on tour in Europe. Marshall agrees to show her around Orange.
  • Ethan finds Nina, who tells him what Daphne says. Ethan apologises for what happened but Nina tells him she needs some space.
  • Sam visits Nina and finds her packing up her dorm for the summer. Sam invites Nina to come on tour with her.
  • Jeff shows up at Daphne’s place. He asks Daphne out and offers her his family’s signet ring. Daphne isn’t thrilled and misses Ethan. She tells Jeff she loves him and they get back together.
  • Teddy asks Bea what happened earlier and she explains that Connor showed up and they had a good talk. Bea tells Teddy she does want to marry him but on her own terms, which Teddy agrees to.

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