Die for Me by Amy Plum

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Title: Die for Me


Series: Revenants #1

Die for Me (May 2011)
- Until I Die (May 2012)
- If I Should Die (May 2013)

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Goodreads Summary:

In the City of Lights, two star-crossed lovers battle a fate that is destined to tear them apart again and again for eternity.

When Kate Mercier's parents die in a tragic car accident, she leaves her life--and memories--behind to live with her grandparents in Paris. For Kate, the only way to survive her pain is escaping into the world of books and Parisian art. Until she meets Vincent.

Mysterious, charming, and devastatingly handsome, Vincent threatens to melt the ice around Kate's guarded heart with just his smile. As she begins to fall in love with Vincent, Kate discovers that he's a revenant--an undead being whose fate forces him to sacrifice himself over and over again to save the lives of others. Vincent and those like him are bound in a centuries-old war against a group of evil revenants who exist only to murder and betray. Kate soon realizes that if she follows her heart, she may never be safe again.

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In short

Kate is in a depression when her parents dies. She meets a group of hot guys in a cafe. Kate later witnesses them saving a girl jumping off a bridge at night and they claim that they are part of the police. Kate officially starts dating one of the guys, Vincent, and when Vincent and his friend Jules ditches her to do something, Kate follows and sees Jules jumping after a guy committing suicide in the Metro. The guy and Jules both die. Kate confronts Vincent, who is indifferent about the incident and leaves him. Kate does a project for school and sees a picture of Vincent and his friends in the 1960s looking exactly the same. Shocked, Kate goes to the museum, and sees Jules, who claims shes got the wrong person. Kate visits Vincent’s house to apologize, only to find Vincent’s dead body. Jules says he can explain and Kate learns about the revenants and what they do, meeting the other members of the crew. Kate dates Vincent, but breaks up with him again when she realizes that she can’t take anymore death in her life after the death of her parents. Kate sees Vincent again, who gives her some options, and they make up. Vincent is invited over for dinner, when he revealed that Lucien, the guy Georgia is friends with, is bad news. Charles calls Vincent while Vincent is dormant and Kate answers the phone, telling her that Lucien and the numa has him. Everyone goes out and prepares for attack except for Kate and Gaspard. Lucien arrives at the gates of Jean-Baptiste’s home, with Georgia in tow, threatening to kill Georgia if Kate doesn’t open the gates. Kate opens the gates, Gaspard dies, Kate leads Lucien to Vincent’s room, and Vincent takes over Kate’s body and fights Lucien. Kate/Vincent wins.

What went down

  • Book opens up with some history: Kate’s parents both died in a car accident and she moves with her older sister Georgia to France to live with their father’s parents, who they called Mamie and Papy. Kate doesn’t answer her friend’s emails, wanting to be left alone. Georgia, meanwhile, loves to go out and hang out.
  • Kate goes to Cafe Sainte-Lucie to read and sees this mysterious hot guy that she thought she’s seen before.
  • Georgia and Kate are hanging out at night when they see a girl jumping off a bridge, followed by one of the guys Kate saw in the Cafe earlier. Suddenly, two figures appear sword fighting and another guy emerged from the darkness, telling Kate and Georgia that they were the police and to go away. The girl and guy who had jumped off the bridge survived and Kate and Georgia heads home, not planning on telling anyone about the incident they witnessed.
  • Kate officially meets the guy at the Cafe when she forgot her bag. He tells her his name is Vincent.
  • Kate is at the cafe again when a girl sitting with a guy motions to her to come to her table. Kate does, and seconds later, the area where Kate was sitting is demolished by masonry that had fallen. The girl who had saved Kate’s life disappears.
  • Kate sees Vincent and his friend at the museum, Vincent and Kate talk, Kate is suspicious about the bridge incident, asking Vincent questions about it, and Vincent asks Kate out on a date, which she happily accepts.
  • Kate and Vincent are on their date when Kate thinks that he already has a girlfriend because he asks for her help to pick a present for a girl. The misunderstanding is cleared. Vincent sees “someone” and leads Kate to Jules apartment, where she officially meets Jules. Vincent pulls Jules aside to talk while Kate eavesdrops on their conversation. Vincent kindly dismisses Kate, saying he had something to do, and Kate, angry and determined to figure out what was happening, secretly follows Vincent and Jules.
  • Kate sees a guy jumping off the Metro platform right when the train was coming and Jules jumps too, following the guy. Kate faints and wakes up to see Vincent, who is indifferent about Jules’ death and brings Kate to his house. Kate confronts Vincent about his indifference and running off from the scene of the crime, and angered, Kate leaves his home.
  • Kate goes to the library to do some research about the riots in 1968 and happens to see a picture of Vincent and his friend in the book, looking exactly the same since the last time Kate saw them. Shocked, Kate goes to the museum to think, when she sees Jules, who claims that he doesn’t know her.
  • Kate goes to Vincent’s house, planning on apologizing to him, when an old man appeared, telling her that Vincent wasn’t home. Kate decides to leave a written message for Vincent, and when the maid Jeanne never appears to take the note, Kate wanders around into a room and sees Vincent’s dead body. Jules comes in the room.
  • Jules says he can explain, and leads Kate to another room, where she meets the girl that saved her life earlier in the cafe, introducing herself as Charlotte. Kate then meets the guy from the river, Ambrose, and a guy she had never seen before introduces himself as Gaspard. The guy Kate saw in the cafe sitting with Charlotte introduces himself as Charles and she finds out the old man, who was also her host, is called Jean-Baptiste.
  • Everyone except for Jean-Baptiste explains to Kate that they are revenants, what they do, and how they live. Kate promises to not tell anyone about them.
  • Kate agrees to date Vincent under certain conditions.
  • Vincent explains some more about being a revenant and Kate feels insecure, worried that Vincent only likes her because he saved her life by warning Charlotte about the falling masonry in the cafe while he was volant. Vincent reassures her that that wasn’t the case and they go on a date. Kate learns about the numa.
  • Georgia wants to meet Kate’s new boyfriend, so Kate goes on a date with Vincent with Georgia and Ambrose as tag-alongs. They are at a restaurant when two men walked by, shoved Ambrose against the wall, and stabbed him. Jules takes over Ambrose’s body and they escape, leaving Georgia behind. Georgia is furious at Kate for ditching her.
  • Vincent and Kate are on a date when they get the news that Charles had died, trying to save a girl’s life, but had failed. Upon seeing Charles’ dead body, Kate is reminded by her parents’ deaths. Kate breaks up with Vincent because his situation as a revenant reminds her too much of her dead parents.
  • Kate accidentally bumps into Charlotte and they have a girl-to-girl talk. Charlotte tells Kate that Charles has been acting distant lately ever since he failed to save the girl’s life.
  • Kate sees Vincent with another girl and agrees to go out with Georgia to a party. Kate meets Lucien. As Kate was leaving, she sees Charles with Lucien.
  • Kate goes to the cafe to read and sees Jules. They talk and she learns that the woman with Vincent that she saw earlier was just a friend.
  • Jean-Baptiste stops by Papy’s shop and asks Kate if she had seen Charles.
  • Kate sees Vincent again. He tells her about his history and their options, and Kate agrees to give him another chance if he promises to try not to die. Kate spends the night over at Vincent’s house.
  • Kate sees Vincent and Gaspard training and decides to try it out for herself.
  • Vincent meets Kate’s Mamie and Papy and stays for dinner. When Georgia mentions that she’s been hanging out with Lucien, Vincent tells her in front of everyone that Lucien is bad news. When Vincent was leaving, he tells Kate that Lucien is the leader of the Paris numa. Kate reveals that Charles was hanging out with Lucien.
  • Kate tries to warn Georgia about Lucien, but Georgia refuses to listen.
  • Kate visits Vincent while he’s dormant. Kate learns that she can understand Vincent while he’s volant.
  • Charles calls and reveals that the numa has him. The numa tells Kate that if Jean-Baptiste wants Charles’ body back, they’ll have to come and get it. Kate worries about Georgia and the revenants prepare for battle, leaving Kate with Gaspard in their house.
  • Georgia appears with Lucien. Lucien threatens to kill Georgia if Kate doesn’t open the gate.
  • Kate leaves the house, leaving Gaspard inside. Gaspard doesn’t listen to Kate and follows her outside, getting shot by Lucien. Kate is forced to lead Lucien to Vincent’s dormant body or else Lucien will kill Georgia.
  • Kate engages in a sword-fight with Lucien and Vincent takes control over her body, helping her fight. Vincent won the fight and burned Lucien’s body. Kate and Georgia are injured.
  • Jean-Baptiste calls a meeting to recall what had happened and asks Charlotte and Charles to leave since Charles would be unhappy with them. Jean-Baptiste tells Kate that she has earned his trust.
  • Vincent takes Kate on a romantic boat ride on her birthday.

How did it end?

Vincent takes over Kate’s body and fights Lucien, killing him and beheading him. They burned Lucien’s body. Kate and Georgia gets treated for their injuries. Jean-Baptiste asks Charlotte and Charles to leave after what had happened and tells Kate that she has earned his trust. Vincent takes Kate on a romantic boat ride on her seventeenth birthday and Kate realizes that she’s in love with Vincent.

anything else

Revenants: People who died saving someone and keep doing it after death. Each time a revenant dies, they reanimate at the same age that they had died the very first time. Revenants are not human, but immortal.

Dormant: When a revenant’s body is hibernating, but their mind is still active. (This is when a revenant looks and feels like they’re dead.)

Patrol: When revenants travel in threes.

Volant: When a revenant’s mind leaves their minds, they have a sixth-sense where they can sense when something is going to happen that the others can use to save someone.

Numa: Revenants, but in reverse. Their jobs isn’t to save lives, but to destroy them. They never die because they keep killing.

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