Severed by Sarah Alderson

The basics

Title: Severed


Series: Fated #2

- Fated (January 2012)
- Severed (November 2012)
- Shadowed (March 2013)

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Goodreads Summary:

Fate brought them together. Now it’s threatening to tear them apart.

As the last in a long line of demon slayers, Evie’s destiny is to end the war that has raged for centuries between humans and demons. Lucas, the half-Shadow Warrior half-human who was sent to kill her, has betrayed his own Brotherhood and his family to fight alongside her. With an army of unhumans on their tail, Evie and Lucas are forced into an uneasy alliance with a group of rogue Hunters who offer protection and the promise of answers.

As the past is untangled and the dark history of the Hunters revealed, Evie discovers that severing the realms is going to require a lot more than just fighting. It’s going to require a sacrifice – one that only she can make.

…More than realms will be severed.

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In short

Evie and Lucas are now the most wanted people in all the realms but they are determined to close the way through. To do this they must find a group of rouge hunters, and the best way to do this? Start a fight. After this fight, in which Evie gains her full power, they meet the rogue hunters. Cyrus, Ash and Vero. Cyrus takes them to his mum who sends Lucas off to find Grace, a Sybll from the brotherhood. That night Cyrus’ mum takes Evie back to Riverview, in hope of finding the book in which contains the prophecy. Lucas, after talking with Grace, finds out her real intention: to take Evie to Victor. As Evie confronts Victor, she finds out that the way to close the way through is to walk through it, sacrificing herself. After he saves Evie, Lucas is intent on finding another way, but Evie has other plans. Instead, she convinces Jamieson, a shapeshifter to turn into herself as she escapes to go and close the way through. Lucas notices immediately and sets off after her. Meanwhile, Evie finds the rogue hunters and they fight their way to the way through, taking down a bunch of Unhumans and Originals. As Evie is about to step through, Cyrus takes her place before she can register what has happened, and closes the way through, leaving Evie alive. Unfortunately, Victor still wants Evie to fight, and since she won’t, he gets revenge, stabbing Lucas and leaving him to disappear in front of Evie’s eyes.

What happened in Severed?

  • We rejoin Evie and Lucas again as they are driving to a Flic’s (Lucas’ Sister) house.
  • When they arrive, it is clear that Flic is less than pleased to see them, since they are now two of the most wanted people in the realms. Flic is also not Evie’s number one fan, since she is convinced that Evie is going to get Lucas killed.
  • Nevertheless, she agrees to letting them stay for the night. Lucas and Evie’s only chance to close the way through is to find a group of rogue hunters. And the way to do that: Cause trouble.
  • The next day they go to a club, intent on causing a fight that would make the Rogue hunters appear. Succeed they do and a fight with a bunch of Thirsters and Scorpio demons prevails ,during which Evie is forced to kill one, meaning she gains her full power.
  • The Rogue hunters make sure to arrive just as the fight is over, and Cyrus, Ash and Vero come into the picture. After a couple of threats, they finally make an agreement and Evie and Lucas go with them to Cyrus’ playboy style apartment. The funny thing is the tension between Lucas and Cyrus since he keeps hitting on Evie..
  • The next day, Cyrus takes them to see his mother, Margaret, an ex-hunter who did what others said to be impossible, she left the hunter world behind. She sends Lucas off to find Grace, a sybll (a unhuman that can she the future) in the hope that they can learn more about he prophecy. Lucas goes off but leaves Evie behind, in the hope that she’ll stay safe.
  • After going after some unhumans that night, Evie and the rogue hunters arrive back at the apartment and find Margaret there. Margaret says that they need to go back to Riverview, to find the book where the Prophecy is in. Evie goes willingly. What she doesn’t know is that Margaret is actually taking her to Victor, because all she ever wanted was to close the way through. Lucas, hearing this from Grace, quickly sets off for Riverview, hoping to find Evie.
  • Evie unsuspectingly enters the house and goes up to her room, as she searches for the book Victor appears and all is revealed. Margaret has betrayed Evie, because, like I said,all she ever wanted was to close the way through, and the only way to do that is for Evie to walk through the Way through, and that means she will die. Before Victor gets a chance to take Evie, Lucas appears,and he takes Evie back to Flic’s house.
  • Lucas is desperate that Evie won’t have to die, he intends for them to just stay on the run, but Evie has other Plans. While at Flic’s house, she makes a plan. Jamieson, Flic’s boyfriend, is a shapeshifter. Evie wants him to pretend to be her so she can escape to close the way through. Jamieson agrees and Evie escapes, but minutes later, Lucas notices that the tip of Evie’s right is damaged, but it’s the wrong one. Lucas instantly notices this and leaves to find Evie.

How did it end?

Evie is already at Cyrus’ apartment, asking them to help get to the way through. The problem is that this is guarded by lots of unhumans, meaning they have to fight their way through. They finally get there and just as Evie is about to walk into the light, Cyrus does her job instead, he walks straight through. Turns out that Cyrus was the child of two hunters as well, a pure hunter, that is what is required to close the way through.

Even though the way through has been closed, Victor is still insistent that Evie becomes a hunter. He won’t give up. So when Evie turns her back on him, he wants revenge, and he gets it. Victor stabs Lucas, and Lucas does what all unhumans do when they die. He disappears.

Any weird terminology?

Unhumans – The monsters/demons in the novel.
Mixen – Demons with Acid skin.
Thirsters – Vampires.
Scorpio Demons – Blind people with scorpion tails.
Hunter – a warrior whose job it is to kill these creatures.
Shapeshifter – A human looking unhuman who can change into anyone/anything.
Shadowarrior – An unhuman that can blend into shadows.
Sybll – An unhuman that can tell the future.
Brotherhood- An organization of Unhumans who try to kill the hunters off.
Realms – The realms are lots of different worlds. For example you have the Shapeshifter realm and the human realm.
Originals – Really, really, really old vampires.
The way through – How all the unhumans get into the human world.

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