Bang by Lisa McMann

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Title: Bang


Series: Visions #2

- Crash (January 2013)
- Bang (October 2013)
- Gasp (June 2014)

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Goodreads Summary:

Jules should be happy. She saved a lot of people’s lives and she’s finally with Sawyer, pretty much the guy of her dreams. But the nightmare’s not over, because she somehow managed to pass the psycho vision stuff to Sawyer. Excellent.

Feeling responsible for what he’s going through and knowing that people’s lives are at stake, Jules is determined to help him figure it all out. But Sawyer’s vision is so awful he can barely describe it, much less make sense of it. All he can tell her is there’s a gun, and eleven ear-splitting shots. Bang.

Jules and Sawyer have to work out the details fast, because the visions are getting worse and that means only one thing: time is running out. But every clue they see takes them down the wrong path. If they can’t prevent the vision from happening, lives will be lost. And they may be among the casualties…

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In short

Jules and Sawyer are back in this book after discovering that Sawyer is now having visions. One week has passed since the end of book one, and Jules hasn’t been in school since what happened. Upon her return to school she and Sawyer are unsure of how to act, especially since she feels like she passed her visions onto him. Sawyer confesses that its a school shooting and he’s not sure that he can intervene. Eventually he decides that he can’t not intervene and joins Jules as they try to come up with clues. There is a lot of sneaking around and lying because their parents still forbid them being together. Jules joins “chess club” to try to help Sawyer figure it out. Rowan decides she’s going on spring break to New York to see her soccer boyfriend and isn’t telling anyone about it. Sawyer and Jules decided to bring in Trey to help figure this out because he’s very suspicious. He helps a little and eavesdropping Rowan gets in on the action too.

Eventually they figure out what school it is that they need to be going to. Jules’s dad see’s Sawyer leaving their building and decides to notify the Angotti’s resulting in Sawyer being late to school with a black eye the next day. They scope out the University of Chicago where the shooting is going to be, and Sawyer identifies the shooter and what the motive is being the shooting. They go home so they can help Rowan and Trey at the food truck which has been repaired since the accident. The next day they drop Rowan off at the airport and Jules and Sawyer go back to the college leaving Trey to deal with the fall out with their parents regarding Rowan leaving. While scoping out the U of C again, Jules gets a call from Rowan that her family is pissed and that she needs to get home. Jules tells Sawyer to call her if anything new comes to him.

As she goes to get on the bus home, she see’s the female shooting heading to campus. Jules decides to follow her and winds up where the shooting is going to take place. Jules and Sawyer save the day, and Trey winds up shot. They all go to the hospital, where Jules’ parents meet them. They go home where Jules realizes that the cure may now be passed onto one of the people they saved.

What happened in Bang?

  • One week after Sawyer and Jules kissed, she is stressing about going to school and helping Sawyer with his vision.
  • Jules goes back to school where people treat her with some awe, but in general life starts to go back to normal.
  • Sawyer and Jules are unsure of how to treat their relationship because of the proprietors (Parents).
  • They agree to meet in one of the teachers classrooms for lunch so they can discuss the visions and what they are doing with their relationship.
  • Roxie (Jules’s former BFF) and Sarah decide to help Sawyer with the door into the classroom and try to crash the conversation that they are having. Sawyer shuts it down and tells them to GTFO.
  • Sawyer confesses that his vision is a shooting, but he’s not sure about anything else. Jules interrogates him trying to determine anything that she can. They realize its going to be a school shooting with 11 gunshots.
  • Class resumes and Sawyer gives Jules a Tracphone with only 250 minutes.
  • Jules goes back to work for the first time since her accident and gets an earful about sneaking around with Sawyer from her mom. Jules basically blows her off.
  • Jules and Sawyer don’t talk much during the weekend because both of them have a lot of work.
  • He calls in the middle of the night crying because of what is going to happen and how powerless he feels. Jules promises to help.
  • Next morning Rowan recommends that Jules join a club or start Volunteering. That girl is a smart cookie.
  • Rowan also confesses that she is going to New York for spring break to visit her boyfriend so she is calling in all favors from her siblings to cover her shifts.
  • Jules decides to join Chess Club to meet with Sawyer after school.
  • They meet and there is some serious making out done.
  • It turns more serious when they discuss the notes that Sawyer has been taking about his vision. Jules interrogates him some more asking questions he should consider when seeing his vision.
  • Jules’s dad does not buy that she is in chess club.
  • Jules becomes determined to actually lean chess during lunch the next day to avoid the 5th degree from her father.
  • Jules and Sawyer meet after school to try to figure it out some more.
  • When she goes him no one really noticed her absence because the meatball truck has been repaired and everyone is admiring it.
  • They have determined the time of day for the shooting and Jules realizes that the school is probably in the city of Chicago.
  • Sawyer and Jules exchange notes on what could happen with the shooting.
  • Roxie intervenes and snatches the note (Only after slapping Sawyer on the ass)
  • Jules gets pissed and grabs for the note accidentally scratching Roxie.
  • Roxie retaliates and drags her nails down Jules’s neck. Then she knees her a few times. (Not like she just had some internal injuries or anything)
  • A teacher intervenes and calls them into his classroom to hash out what just happened.
  • Teacher sides with Jules and the situation is over.
  • Sawyer and Jules decide to tell Trey about what is going to happen at lunch and that they need his help.
  • Trey is a non believer and makes Sawyer feel like shit. Trey doesn’t want to help.
  • Jules and Trey are called out of their next class to the principals office and meet Sawyer there. A Student overheard them talking about the shooting that was going to happen and reported them.
  • Jules recovers the quickest and says that it was just a report for a class. Everyone believes it and they are dismissed.
  • Trey decides to join them and help.
  • Trey and Sawyer stay at school to work out whats going to happen. Rowan and Jules drive home.
  • Rowan admits that Roxie is in love with Sawyer and that she needs Jules to drive her to the airport on Sunday. She is also suspicious about Jules and Sawyer and Trey.
  • Jules returns to school to meet with Trey and Sawyer and work out what they can.
  • Sawyer and Trey decide to drive around afterwards to scope out some schools.
  • Jules goes home and her dad is still disbelieving about what she is doing after school.
  • Trey fills Jules in on what they found (Nothing) and Rowan wanders in and admits to eavesdropping.
  • Rowan is brought into the fold and up to date on what is happening.
  • Rowan and Jules have a heart to heart about meeting Rowan’s boyfriend and helping out with the visions.
  • Rowan helps in a big way when she points out that all public schools will be closed next week because of spring break.
  • Rowan, Trey, Sawyer and Jules all meet for breakfast the next day to discuss what they can.
  • Jules meets Rowan at the library so she can meet her boyfriend, Charlie before sending her baby sister off to meet him.
  • Jules gives her stamp of approval.
  • At lunch, Trey, Sawyer and Jules try to figure out what he can see by looking in a spoon.
  • Enter Roxie and minion Sarah as they try to budd in.
  • Roxies basically tries to sit on Sawyer’s lap, but he won’t have it.
  • Roxie tries to make Sawyer her date for a dance, and then it is revealed that Roxie and Sawyer used to be a thing.
  • Jules is super bummed about not having known this and wants to leave but Trey convinces her to stay.
  • Roxie suggests that Sawyer has a thing for Trey and that he’s really just gay. (because believing he likes Jules is apparently out of the question)
  • Sawyer runs with this expecting Roxie to realize that he’s messing with her and she never does.
  • Jules is not amused.
  • After school, they meet at the library and Sawyer apologizes for not telling her about Roxie first.
  • They make up and sit to watch video’s to try to get more clues.
  • Enter Daddy Demarco in all his fury.
  • The kids are told to get in the car and leave but Trey says no because he’s doing his homework and if he wants to sit with Sawyer Angotti, he will sit with Sawyer Angotti.
  • Trey tells Jules to go with their dad.
  • She leaves with him also very angry now.
  • Watching her dad drive, it dawns on her that maybe he has visions too.
  • There is ranting about trust and respect and about Jules being pregnant.
  • She bullet points the only thing she has to say to him. 1. Not sexually active = no preggo. 2. She knows about his affair with Sawyer’s mom and finds it hard to take him seriously about trust. 3. She quit.
  • Trey comes home early because Sawyer was worried.
  • Rowan is pissed that Jules quit right before her trip
  • Jules realizes that the shooting is going to take place at the University of Chicago.
  • She calls Sawyer to come over so she can confirm with him, and he does.
  • Jules gets nervous a minute too late about Sawyer seeing that her dad is a hoarder.
  • Sawyer confirms that it is at U of C.
  • Trey comes up to the apartment and ushers Sawyer out.
  • Trey confesses that Daddy Demarco suggested that since he’s 18, he can find somewhere else to live.
  • Rowan, Trey and Jules sleep in the same room that night. Mommy Demarco looks weary and says she’s glad they have each other.
  • Friday morning, none of them have seen Sawyer.
  • Finally they see him right after school when he climbs into the meatball truck with a black eye. He informs Trey, Jules and Rowan that Daddy Demarco called the Angotti’s to tell them that he saw Sawyer leave their place the day before.
  • Rowan is left at the restaurant while Jules, Sawyer and Trey go to the college to do some further investigating.
  • Sawyer talks about being unsure where the two gunman are.
  • While on campus they pick out the two gunman and the building its going to happen in.
  • They discuss telling the cops but instead text a hotline that something might be happening in the near future at that location.
  • There is some more making out after they go back home.
  • Saturday rolls around and it is the day of the Food Truck Festival.
  • Jules takes a walk and finds her way to Sawyer who is volunteering at the humane society.
  • He admits to seeing the vision even in the eyes of the kitties.
  • Sawyer and Jules decide to take another trip to U of C.
  • They discover the motivation may be for the LGBT community.
  • A cute guy hands them a flier about a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) meeting.
  • They have discovered who is going to be attacked only the room for the meeting is all wrong.
  • Trey calls and Jules realizes that she has been out of the house all day.
  • Sawyer and Jules go to the Food Truck Festival to help Rowan and Trey.
  • All four work together to keep the Truck moving.
  • It is now Sunday and Jules has to drive Rowan to the Airport.
  • Jules talks to Trey and he tells her to go to U of C without him, he wants to be home to deal with the fall out with their parents.
  • Sawyer determines the type of gun that is being used.
  • He also determined that they are in a music classroom.
  • Sawyer believes that it is going to be on Monday and that he will need Trey then.
  • Jules calls Rowan to determine that she is still alive. She is and is being laid into by their mother.
  • Jules decides she should head home and that Sawyer should stay.
  • When she does to get on the Bus, she sees the Gunman girl get off.

How did it end?

Jules follows the gunman and tries to call Sawyer when she discovers that she is out of minutes. There is no way to call for any help. She scribbles on some notebook paper to call 911 that there is a gunman and hands it to some guy she walks past. She notices that the room for the GSA meeting has been moved to the right room. Jules heads toward the room of the meeting, the same place that the gunman are headed.

When she gets into the room, Sawyer tells her that the vision is changing. It was 11 Bodies and now it is 7 because they are staying. Trey texts Sawyer telling him that he called 911. The cute guy from earlier goes to lead the group and introduces himself as Ben and that he is going to be the secretary of the GSA next semester. Jules doesn’t want to do anything without being told by Sawyer because of how she could change things. Sawyer tells her that the scene changed again, and mimes to her that they are going to flip the table and that Jules is going to go after the Female Gunman.

Sawyer starts to count down on his fingers. The girl pulls the gun and Jules and Sawyer flip the table. Sawyer tackles the male gunman, and some shots go off. Jules springs to action and tackles the girl. Jules shouts for people to run and get out. More Shots go off. Sawyer tries to get the male gunman to drop his gun while Jules is stuck in a cat fight with the girl complete with hair pulling. Jules gets kicked in the face and tries to get the girl gunman down. More gunshots go off.

Ben is trying to drag someone who is bleeding out of the room when the girl gunman grabs him and forces him to his knees. She puts the gun against his forehead. Sawyer is still fighting off the male gunman when his gun is finally knocked loose. When Jules tries to crawl after it, her legs are pulled out from underneath her. There is also some slipping on blood which is awful. The guy tries to choke her, but she hits him in the family jewels and is able to get away. Sawyer is trying to get the guys gun, and the crazy girl is screaming in Ben’s face. Jules feels hopeless and like they failed anyway.

At the last moment, the door to the classroom is slammed open with such force that the glass shatters. This is enough to distract the girl and allow Ben to punch her in the gut. The gun goes off, and Jules uses the distraction to tackle her again using her cast to beat the girl in the face and knock her gun loose. Jules feels victorious and looks up expecting to see the cops at the door but instead her brother is standing there sinking to the floor leaving a smear of blood on the wall. To get to her brother Jules steps on crazy girls arm, and Ben kicks the gun away from her.

Finally the cops show up. A little late the the party, but they get there nevertheless. Paramedics also come and start to figure out good guys from bad guys. Jules is crowding Trey since he was shot. The cops cuff the bad guys, Sawyer is still standing, one girl is shot in the back of the room, another guy is shot in the food and Trey is shot somewhere near his shoulder.

Jules finally gets her cast off, after all, it is drenched in blood. Cops are getting the story from all parties, and then the Demarco Proprietors show up. They get the good news that Trey will be okay because it just passed through muscle in his arm. Sawyer has some stitches and Jules has ditched her parents and Trey for Sawyer. Sawyer admits that everyone survived. There is cuddling and kissing and then Mommy Demarco comes over. Ben wants to thank Trey, but she says tomorrow might be better. There is also visible relief that the Angotti family is also not there.

Mommy Demarco comments that she knows that Jules knows about Daddy Demarco’s affair with Mommy Angotti. She wants to know if the siblings know and Jules says they don’t. Jules also confesses to knowing where Rowan is and that she is safe. Mommy Demarco cries some and Jules doesn’t comfort her. Jules leaves a note that she is going to visit Trey in the hospital. On her way out, she sees Sawyer and they go the the hospital together. The visions have stopped entirely and he tells the story of how he found out about the room change and how he wound up there.

Sawyer is beating himself up that they weren’t able to prevent people from getting hurt and that the anti-gay message was still spread. There is some fighting about whether or not what they did was enough. Trey is high on morphine and admits that he doesn’t really remember what happened. Ben comes in to thank Trey for getting shot for him, and they all ask that they remain the unsung heros. They do not want their names in the paper. Embolden by the fact that he is high on Morphine, Trey asks Ben for his number. Ben laughs and provides it. All parties leave Trey to get some rest and Sawyer says he’s leaving home. Sawyer didn’t realize that he and Jules had a fight earlier and all is well between them.

That is until it dawns on Jules that she passed having visions on to Sawyer by saving him and she is concerned that now they will have passed it on to the college kids. At first he wants nothing to do with it but in the end says that he is in. Trey will be pissed if Ben winds up with visions, but our crew will be coming together for another book.

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Proprietors: The Demarco Parents and Angotti Parents.

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