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Title: Paranormalcy


Series: Paranormalcy #1

- Paranormalcy (2010)
- Supernaturally (2011)
- Endlessly (2012)

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Evie’s always thought of herself as a normal teenager, even though she works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency, her ex-boyfriend is a faerie, she’s falling for a shape-shifter, and she’s the only person who can see through supernatural glamours.

She’s also about to find out that she may be at the center of a dark faerie prophecy promising destruction to all paranormal creatures.

So much for normal.

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What happened in Paranormalcy?

  • Evie is a teenager who works for IPCA – the International Paranormal Containment Agency. She hunts down supernatural beings on their behalf, with the help of her trusty pink taser.
  • At the beginning of the book, Evie is attacked by a vampire in a graveyard. She hits him with a blast from her taser and tags him with an ankle cuff. She tells him he must report to IPCA within twelve hours or the cuff will kill him.
  • Evie returns to IPCA HQ. She is escorted back by Reth, an annoying (in my opinion and hers) fairy.
  • Reth is after Evie’s heart and her literal soul.
  • Back at home, Evie chills out by watching her favourite show. She gets a video call from her mermaid best friend, Alisha. Alisha tells Evie she should check in with Raquel.
  • Evie asks Raquel if she can attend a normal school, but Raquel says she can’t as Evie is the only one who can see through supernatural creatures’ glamours. She’s therefore very important to IPCA.
  • Evie goes to sleep, and is woken by an alarm. She heads to Raquel’s office to find a paranormal creature in there pretending to be her boss. The real Raquel shows up and she and Jacques help Evie put a tracker on the creature.
  • Evie heads down to the containment facility where the creature has been taken. She speaks to the shifter, who shifts into her. The creature introduces himself as Lend.
  • Lend says he is looking for answers from IPCA.
  • Raquel orders Evie to stay away from him.
  • Reth shows up in Evie’s room and is after her heart and soul again. Evie kicks him out.
  • Evie goes back to speak to Lend. They talk about his shifting ability, and Lend tells Evie that he’s 17 years old.
  • Vlad, the vampire janitor, says Lend could be a doppelganger. Alisha and Evie do some research but they don’t think it’s correct.
  • Raquel has Lend moved so Evie can’t keep visiting him.
  • Raquel sends Evie on another vampire hunt. Evie heads to a market and follows a vampire around. They end up in a room with a bunch of other vampires.
  • Evie tells the vampires she works for IPCA and they try to kill her. She is forced to use Reth’s real name, and he is able to come and save her. He takes her to the fairy realm.
  • Evie asks another fairy to take her to Lend’s room in order to find out where he is. She promises Lend that she’ll return later.
  • Evie checks in with Raquel to let her know she’s okay. Raquel asks Evie why she killed two dozen vampires. Evie denies it.
  • Lend tells Evie she is a prisoner of IPCA. She gets angry with him.
  • Evie asks Raquel what would happen if she tried to leave IPCA. Raquel says they would put a tracker on her. Evie asks Alisha to look her up on the system. Evie is classified as a Level 7 paranormal.
  • Evie speaks to Lend again and tells him about Reth. Reth and Evie were in love, until Reth killed a werewolf for hurting Evie. She was then too afraid to get back together with him.
  • Lend promises to give Raquel some information if Evie is allowed to hang out with him.
  • Lend tells Evie they need to stop whoever is killing the paranormal creatures.
  • Reth shows up and knocks Lend out. Lend wakes up as Reth is trying to take Evie’s heart, so Lend escapes his room to set off an alarm.
  • Evie is taken to the doctor as Reth left a burn on her wrist.
  • Lend tells Evie about a poem, which seems to describe her. They discuss whether fairies could be killing the paranormal creatures.
  • Evie goes to tag a hag, but finds it already dead. She sees a golden handprint on it, which is just like the one Reth left on her.
  • Evie calls out for Jacques, who is killed.
  • Evie calls Fehl to come and get her. Before they depart, Evie sees a load of fire shaped like a person.
  • Evie tells Raquel that she thinks Reth is behind the murders. Raquel points out that Reth has an alibi.
  • Lend and Evie talk about their lives.
  • Reth comes to see Evie again and tells her he needs to continue to take her heart and soul so she can survive. Evie asks what the hell he’s on about, and Reth talks about the poem. Apparently there are two poems, both with different endings.
  • Raquel tells Evie to tell her everything she knows about Lend. Evie refuses.
  • Steve, a vampire, bites Raquel.
  • Alisha has been researching, and she says she has found five new trackers on the system. Coincidentally, Evie lost five trackers recently when she went to find the hag.
  • Evie runs down to see Alish, but her friend is dead and her aquarium is destroyed. Evie calls Raquel and tells her the murderer is in the Centre.
  • Evie tells a fairy to help the paranormal creatures out, and rushes off to find Lend.
  • Evie once again sees the flame person. It’s a girl. Lend sees her too, but doesn’t see that she’s made of fire. Lend shifts into what he’s seeing, and the girl has the same colour eyes as Evie.
  • Reth rescues Evie and Lend as they’re unable to get out by themselves. Reth makes Evie command him to change his name, and then he leaves.
  • Evie and Lend go to Lend’s house, where his dad currently is. David stitches Evie’s lef, which has been sliced by broken glass.
  • David reveals that he used to work for IPCA before it was IPCA. He finds Evie sus but trusts his son.
  • The flame girl, Vivian, contacts Evie in her dreams. They are connected through Reth’s soul. Vivian says it’s her job to lay the paranormals to rest.
  • Lend introduces Evie to a vampire called Arianna and two werewolves called Luke and Stacey.
  • The group head to a pond, and Lend calls his mother out. Lend’s mother, Cresseda, emerges from the pond. She’s some kind of water creature, and she says that Evie is what they’ve been looking for.
  • Reth shows up and tries to nab Evie. The others aren’t able to protect her from him. Cresseda tells Reth she’s under her protection, and creates a vortex of water to protect Evie and Lend.
  • Reth leaves after saying that he created Evie.
  • Lend takes Evie into town to get some new clothes. They stop at David’s restaurant which is packed with paranormal creatures. David has been helping them control themselves.
  • Evie tells the group that Vivian is able to kill paranormals by touching them.
  • Lend asks Evie to come to school with him, and also to prom.
  • David starts to evacuate the paranormals from town.
  • Evie falls asleep while watching a movie with Lend, and Vivian speaks to her again through her dreams. Vivian tells Evie that the fairies created them. They’re called the Empty Ones. Evie was probably lost by her fairy keeper as a baby.
  • Vivian tells Evie to check her communicator. Evie sees a message from Vivian telling her to meet her.
  • Evie asks David about the poem, but he doesn’t know much. He asks about Reth and whether he’s Unseelie. Evie doesn’t know but suspects he is.
  • Evie goes to speak to Cresseda, who tells her she must make a decision and that she should cling to the good creatures.
  • Lend and Evie go on a group date.
  • Vivian visits Evie in another dream. Vivian is confused because Evie is getting brighter without taking souls. Evie wakes up and becomes upset that she might be killing Lend.
  • Evie explains to Lend what has been going on. Lend says he’ll tell her if he starts to feel weird.
  • Arianna helps Evie pick a dress for prom.
  • Vivian visits Evie again. Vivian seems to be a jealous person.
  • Evie realises that Vivian is taking the souls and they need to be released. She asks Lend if he thinks they can bring Alisha back, but her body is definitely dead so it’s not likely.
  • Prom happens, and Reth shows up and takes Evie. Reth tells Evie that he created her to rival Vivian, who is the Unseelie court’s creation. Evie asks Fehl to take her to Lend’s house. Vivian is there.
  • Vivian knocks out Fehl and asks Evie how she takes souls. Fehl runs off.
  • Reth shows up. Evie tries to take Vivian’s soul but it doesn’t work. She does manage to take the souls that Vivian was holding.
  • Evie heads outside and finds a door. Lend stands with her and Evie realises she wants his soul. She touches him and almost takes it, but she isn’t able to. She releases all the other souls.
  • Evie passes out. She wakes up in hospital. Raquel visits, but leaves very quickly and Evie doesn’t get a chance to talk to her.
  • Reth shows up and is upset with Evie for releasing the souls. She tells him to leave.
  • Lend tells Evie that before she passed out she was floating in the air. He says they have Vivian somewhere safe and in a coma. Evie thinks about how she found out that Lend is immortal.

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