Supernaturally by Kiersten White

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Title: Supernaturally


Series: Paranormalcy #2

- Paranormalcy (2010)
- Supernaturally (2011)
- Endlessly (2012)

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Goodreads Summary:

Evie finally has the normal life she's always longed for, but she's shocked to discover that being ordinary can be . . . kind of boring. So when she's given the opportunity to work for the International Paranormal Containment Agency again, she leaps at the chance.

But then Evie's faerie ex-boyfriend Reth appears, and tells her that a battle is brewing between the faerie courts that could throw the whole paranormal world into chaos. The prize in question? Evie herself.

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What happened in Supernaturally?

  • At the end of the previous book, Evie joined the real world. She’s now going to a normal school. She’s not really enjoying it.
  • Raquel pulls Evie out of English class. She has been trying to get hold of her through Lend’s father, David, but David hasn’t passed them on.
  • A cloud creature kidnaps Evie. She escapes and falls out of the sky, into the woods near Lend’s house. She heads back there to find David and Raquel already there. They think the cloud creature was a sylph.
  • Raquel wants to confirm their suspicions with Cresseda, but David tells her no one has seen Cresseda in weeks.
  • Raquel asks Evie for help with IPCA stuff. Apparently IPCA is now less terrible and more friendly. And also understaffed.
  • Lend turns up part way through this conversation and Raquel asks if he wants to help IPCA on assignments too. Lend and Evie argue about making a decision.
  • In the middle of the argument, a fairy door opens and a boy walks out. He seems to be a normal boy, which is weird. His name is Jack. A completely normal human boy name.
  • Raquel introduces Jack to the team, and points out that he can open doors so Evie won’t have to work with any fairies. She hasn’t had good experiences with fairies previously.
  • Lend and Evie go for a walk a few days later. Lend gives Evie an iron necklace before being called back to college to sort out a coursework disaster.
  • Jack shows up in Evie’s room and accidentally scares her. Evie hasn’t yet agreed to work for IPCA, so Jack leaves her to it.
  • Evie goes to work at the diner, and Reth opens a fairy door in order to visit her. Reth wants Evie to go to the Seelie court with him. The iron necklace repels Reth and Evie manages to get rid of him.
  • Vivian visits Evie in her dreams. Evie admits to Vivian that she misses being special, and she doesn’t feel as though she’s doing anything significant. Evie wakes up and decides to work with IPCA again.
  • Jack interrupts Evie as she’s getting ready for gym class. The other students flirt with him. He’s caught by Evie’s teacher, but he runs off.
  • Raquel promises to sort Jack out.
  • Jack grabs Evie as she’s about to go on her first mission. She has to deal with a poltergeist, who turns out to be Steve, a vampire from the first book. He vanishes after Evie speaks to him.
  • A fairy door opens nearby and Evie and Jack make a run for it. Raquel fights the fairy off with an iron bar.
  • Evie goes to school on Monday but is pulled out by Lend. They chat in the woods for a bit before he takes her back. Evie realises she’s upset that Lend is immortal, and decides that he doesn’t need to know.
  • Jack takes Evie on what she thinks is a mission, but he actually just wants to show her a unicorn. Evie learns that Jack grew up in the fairy realm.
  • Evie tries to explain her new job to Lend but he gets too angry and leaves.
  • Jack takes Evie to free a village of trolls, but as Evie steps out of the door she falls into water and nearly drowns. She manages to escape. Jack becomes trapped by the trolls, and Evie goes to save him. She gets caught, Jack escapes, and the trolls tell her they think she’s killing their children.
  • Evie agrees to help the trolls take out the vampire that is kidnapping their children. She finds the vampire, who tries to bite her, and he tells her he feeds on supernatural creatures because he doesn’t like to bite humans. This also makes him stronger.
  • Evie runs off. Jack hits the vampire with a bat and the two of them put a tracker on the vampire. She doesn’t activate the tracker, though.
  • Raquel meets Evie in a coffee shop to debrief. Raquel has to leave the meeting early.
  • Evie and Lend make up.
  • Raquel tries to make David give her information on supernaturals. They argue.
  • Evie introduces Jack to Arianna when he shows up a the apartment. Evie keeps quiet about her new job with IPCA.
  • Evie dresses up as Daphne for Halloween. Evie and Lend go bowling.
  • Carly calls Evie about her party. Apparently Jack has shown up there. Lend takes Evie to the party so she can find Jack. The teenagers all play hide and seek. Evie finds Jack.
  • The vampire from earlier shows up at the party and says he was taken from his IPCA cell. He hypnotises Carly to get Evie to help him. He bites Evie, so Evie starts to destroy his soul, or whatever it is she does. Lend rescues her.
  • Vivian visits Evie again in her dreams that night. They discuss the fairies and how they’re always behind everything.
  • Arianna tells Evie her story. She was scared of her sire, Felix, and tried to run away. He killed her, then she awakened and killed him.
  • David checks in on Evie, who tells him about the fairy theory. David tells Evie that she’s safe with him.
  • Jack takes Evie on another assignment, this time to a carnival. Evie tases a vampire and he is taken away to IPCA HQ.
  • When Evie gets home, she finds a college rejection letter in her room. Evie gets very upset as she wanted to go to Georgetown with Lend.
  • Jack tries to comfort her, and kisses her in the fairy tunnels. Evie gets angry with him.
  • Jack takes Evie to his room to grab supplies, and then they go on an “adventure”. Jack takes Evie to where the Unseelie Queen is, and Jack throws a Molotov at the crowd gathered there.
  • The pair run off. Jack hates the fairies, it seems.
  • Fehl intercepts them and is about to take Evie to the Queen, but Evie is able to stop her by using her full name.
  • Reth shows up and isn’t much help. He follows them as Jack takes Evie home. He offers up some information on Evie’s father, and takes Evie to meet him.
  • Evie’s father, Lin, is drinking at a NASCAR race. Reth tries to get Lin to explain what has been going on over the years he’s been away, but Reth explains instead.
  • It turns out that the Seelie Queen made Lin mate with a human, who is probably dead now. Evie is half fairy, and that’s probably why she can use fairy gates. Reth calls Evie by her real name, Neamh. It doesn’t work on her because she’s half-human.
  • Evie commands Lin to return to the fairy realm for good. She threatens Reth, and gets Jack to take her home.
  • Lend is waiting for Evie to get home. He’s really angry, both about Evie spending time with Jack and Evie not telling him she was rejected from Georgetown.
  • Evie finally tells Lend he’s immortal and breaks up with him.
  • Jack takes Evie back to IPCA HQ so she can find Vivian. They look around Raquel’s office once the coast is clear. They find Vivian’s wereabouts and go to find her.
  • Fehl finds Evie in the fairy realm as they’re making a pitstop. Evie is able to send her away using her name.
  • Jack encourages Evie to open a gate to hell for the fairies to walk into. Evie hates this idea, and she and Jack argue. He has been trying to manipulate her into hating the fairies as he does so she’ll help him kill them. Clearly he didn’t do a very good job. Jack leaves her in the dark tunnels.
  • Evie lies panics and lies down, too scared to try to open any gates. She thinks of Lend and ends up with him.
  • Once out of the tunnels, Arianna suggests Evie should have called for Lin.
  • Evie and Lend get back together.

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