Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

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Title: Demonglass


Series: Hex Hall #2

- Hex Hall (2010)
- Demonglass (2011)
- Spell Bound (2012)
- School Spirits (2013)

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Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch. That was the whole reason she was sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium (a.k.a. witches, shape-shifters, and faeries). But then she discovered the family secret, and the fact that her hot crush, Archer Cross, is an agent for The Eye, a group bent on wiping Prodigium off the face of the earth.

Turns out, Sophie's a demon, one of only two in the world-the other being her father. What's worse, she has powers that threaten the lives of everyone she loves. Which is precisely why Sophie decides she must go to London for the Removal, a dangerous procedure that will either destroy her powers for good-or kill her.

But once Sophie arrives, she makes a shocking discovery. Her new housemates? They're demons too. Meaning, someone is raising demons in secret, with creepy plans to use their powers, and probably not for good. Meanwhile, The Eye is set on hunting Sophie down, and they're using Archer to do it. But it's not like she has feelings for him anymore. Does she?

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What happened in Demonglass?

  • After the events of the first book which culminated in Sophie finding out she is half-demon, she has been wanting to go through the Removal.
  • Her dad is head of the Council, and he comes over from England to invite her to stay with him for the summer. Sophie hopes that he’ll agree to let her go through the Removal, as she doesn’t want her demon powers. To be fair, she barely understands them.
  • Cal will be going to England with Sophie because they’re actually betrothed. Yes, this was a shock to us and to Sophie. In this paranormal society, lots of paranormal beings are betrothed when they’re younger. Sophie didn’t know about any of this, although she was aware that her crush, Archer, was betrothed before it was revealed he was working with The Eye.
  • Sophie reluctantly agrees to go to England with her father and her fiancé. She also takes her friend, Jenna. Sophie is not exactly hating this idea because she is reminded that Archer is in London.
  • Sophie is taken to a huge manor in the countryside. There she meets Mrs Casnoff’s sister, Lara, as well as two demons called Nick and Daisy. The demons don’t have any memory of how they came to be.
  • Sophie and Jenna notice that Nick looks a bit like Archer.
  • It’s probably unrelated.
  • Sophie learns that the house that the Council is currently occupying used to be owned by the Thorne family. She and Jenna try to open the Thorne family grimoire, but they don’t have much luck.
  • Sophie’s dad explains that the Thorne family was made up of dark witches and warlocks. One of them, Virginia, decided to raise a demon in order to fight off the Eye during their last big war. She chose to use Sophie’s ancestor Alice (the woman from the first book) as a vessel.
  • Lara lets slip that Cal was offered a chance to travel the world with the Council because of his super healing abilities, but he chose to stay behind at Hex Hall for Sophie. He insists it wasn’t only for her, but to be honest this seems a bit sus.
  • Sophie realises that Ghost!Elodie can interact with her, which ghosts definitely shouldn’t be allowed to do.
  • The teenagers decide to head out to London via a magical portal in order to go drinking at Shelley’s. Unfortunately, the Eye raids the premises.
  • Sophie uses her powers to clear the way to let herself and her friends escape. She bumps into Archer and there’s a cute reunion. He hides her from the other Eye people.
  • Archer tells Sophie to use a magical coin to contact him. She tells him where she’s staying, which may or may not be a good idea. Archer leaves and Sophie goes to find her friends. They’re all very apologetic.
  • Cal comes to see how Sophie is doing and whether she found out anything about Daisy and Nick. She didn’t because she was somewhat distracted.
  • Sophie’s dad invites Jenna’s girlfriend over so that Sophie and Jenna can’t team up any more.
  • Sophie’s dad gives her some magic lessons. He also demands that she tells him about her involvement with Archer and asks if he was at Shelley’s the other night. Sophie doesn’t want to tell him anything. Her dad reveals that the Eye killed several Council members in a fire a couple of months ago and there now aren’t many left.
  • Archer tries to meet up with Sophie but she doesn’t show. Very sad.
  • Sophie decides not to go through with the Removal.
  • Sophie and her dad learn that the page of the grimoire which tells of demon summoning has been ripped out. Obviously someone has been using it.
  • Daisy has a “magic flare up” and loses her demon cool. She almost burns Sophie to death.
  • Sophie’s friends throw a party for her birthday. Archer sneaks in dressed as a waiter. Unfortunately the Eye use this opportunity to attack and Sophie is almost killed. Mrs Casnoff and the others blame Archer, of course.
  • Sophie’s dad goes to Yorkshire for a few days.
  • Archer shows up and takes Sophie to Grimalkin Island. He tells of how he was trained as an Eye and learnt sword fighting and stuff. He also shows her that someone is raising demons in a crater at Hecate. He says kids keep vanishing, including the two girls that Sophie knew: Anna and Chaston. Their parents are under a heavy spell and don’t know where their daughters are.
  • Zombies start rising from the crater which is super creepy, but thankfully Sophie is a necromancer and she’s just about able to handle them.
  • Sophie and Archer head back to Thorne Manor, and agree to meet again at midnight.
  • Sophie goes to her dad and tells him that Lara and Anastasia Casnoff are raising demons at Hecate. Thankfully he takes her seriously.
  • Daisy shows up and she’s going through a wobbly again. She attacks Sophie. Lara stops her and claims it’s an immobilisation spell, but Sophie’s dad calls her out for lying.
  • Sophie’s dad tells her that he can’t arrest Lara and Anastasia without solid proof due to a blood oath they all have.
  • Ghost!Elodie tells Sophie there’s something going down at the mill with Nick and Archer. Sophie speeds over there. Archer is very injured. Cal shows up and heals him. Then the Council shows up.
  • Archer is arrested. Sophie is put on trial for working with the Eye, and is told she will have to go through the Removal.
  • Sophie’s dad intervenes and accuses Lara and Anastasia of raising demons at Hecate. I mean, he’s correct, but is now really the time? He figures they raised Daisy and Nick. He says he himself should go through the Removal, and then the Casnoffs can be head of the Council.
  • The Casnoffs reveal that their father kept the ritual that is used to raise demons because he figured they would be useful in future battles.
  • Sophie’s dad is stripped of his powers. Sophie is imprisoned for a bit, and then the Casnoffs come to get her. They lock her powers.
  • Unfortunately for them, Nick loses his cool and goes full demon on them. He kills twenty people. They go off to stop him.
  • Sophie finds Jenna’s bloodstone shattered.
  • Sophie learns that Elodie is bound to her. Awkward, since they didn’t get on when Elodie was alive.
  • Cal comes back to get Sophie. He sends her off to find her mother and tells Sophie to find Aislynn Brannick.
  • Thorne Manor is burnt to the ground.

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