Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong

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Title: Dime Store Magic


Series: Women of the Otherworld #3

- Bitten (2001)
- Stolen (2002)
- Dime Store Magic (2004)
- Industrial Magic (2004)
- Haunted (2005)
- Broken (2006)
- No Humans Involved (2007)
- Personal Demon (2008)
- Living with the Dead (2008)
- Frostbitten (2009)
- Waking the Witch (2010)
- Spellbound (2011)
- Thirteen (2012)

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Goodreads Summary:

White witch Paige Winterbourne has spent her whole life hiding her true nature. But when she takes over the guardianship of Savannah Levine - orphaned daughter of a notorious black witch - Paige's carefully constricted world comes crashing down.

Someone is plotting to take Savannah and corrupt her already unsettling wild power. But how can Paige fight them without exposing her own gift - the ultimate taboo? And how can she trust the one man offering to help her fight, when he stands for everything she hates?

Here is a spoiler summary of what happened in Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong to help refresh your memory before you read the sequel.

What happened in Dime Store Magic?

  • Paige is now looking after Savannah. The Coven aren’t happy with it because Eve, Savannah’s mother, was practising black magic and Savannah is also half sorceror. This is all a big no-no in the Coven’s point of view.
  • Leah intercepts Kristof Nast, and says she can help him find Savannah. Savannah is his daughter.
  • Paige receives a notice about an upcoming custody battle. Nast is going through lawyers to get custody of Savannah. Paige hires a lawyer, Cary, who is a creep. He ups his prices and tries to get Paige to pay him back in… other ways.
  • Leah has Cary killed, trying to frame Paige for the murder. Paige is arrested but not charged because there’s no evidence.
  • Lucas Cortez arrives and insists that Paige lets him represent her in this case. Paige is very hesitant and there’s a lot – A LOT – of back and forth but eventually she gives in.
  • Leah plants some dead cats in Paige’s garden and calls the police. They find the altar, and Paige insists it wasn’t her.
  • People start camping outside Paige’s house because they think she’s a witch. They’re not wrong…
  • Social services arrive and ask questions.
  • Lucas explains they have to keep Savannah safe until after her menses, and then the Nast Cabal won’t be too interested in her.
  • Lucas is part of the Cortez Cabal, btw. He’s actually the heir, but he doesn’t want anything to do with his father’s business. One of his brothers has a bounty out on him.
  • Paige goes to the funeral home after being lured there by Leah, and a necromancer wakes up a few bodies and it’s gross.
  • Paige and Lucas teach each other a bit of magic. They realise the witch’s spells are lacking because the middle parts are missing from them.
  • The Coven try to get rid of Paige because they still don’t like that she’s taking care of Savannah.
  • In order to prep for the ceremony, Paige goes to Margaret’s library and takes some books. They find they have to get some dirt from a cemetery so they head there at night.
  • Savannah raises some of the dead, as you do. It’s a bit chaotic but everyone gets away with the dirt.
  • Leah shows up and starts threatening everyone again. There’s some chaos outside when Savannah casts a confusion spell and people start fighting. Paige calms everyone down.
  • Lucas and Paige get together.
  • Someone tries to burn Paige’s house down, and she and Savannah are captured. They’re taken to Nast, while Lucas is nowhere to be seen.
  • Nast introduces himself as Savannah’s father. There are some witches there who will teach Savannah everything. Savannah is amazed by all of this at first, and demands that Paige stays with her.
  • However, the two witches who are meant to be teaching Savannah end up traumatising her instead. They wanted the position of head witch to pass down to their descendents, not to Savannah.

How did Dime Store Magic end?

  • Paige is taken away and Savannah loses it. She gets very upset and starts conjuring all sorts to try to summon her mother.
  • Paige gets away and heads back to Savannah. She sees what’s happening, and with Lucas’ help, casts a spell to make her look like Eve, Savannah’s mother.
  • Paige as Eve calms Savannah down and gets her out. Savannah is still upset but she’s glad Paige is alive.
  • Paige wakes up. She’s been banned from the Coven but she has Savannah back now. The trio hold the ceremony and Savannah comes into her powers.

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