Reveal Me by Tahereh Mafi

The basics

Title: Reveal Me


Series: Shatter Me #5.5

- Shatter Me (November 2011)
- Unravel Me (February 2013)
- Ignite Me (February 2014)
- Restore Me (April 2018)
- Defy Me (2019)
- Imagine Me (2020)

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The explosive revelations in Defy Me have left readers reeling and desperate for answers. This fourth and final novella in the series will bring readers back to the world of the Shatter Me before the final novel installment hits shelves in winter 2020.

Here is a spoiler summary of what happened in Reveal Me by Tahereh Mafi. We have recaps of the whole series so far if you need a refresher on what happened.

This recap of Reveal Me by Tahereh Mafi was written by Lukyan Oppedisano!

in short

Kenji Kishimoto is still reeling from what happened in Defy Me. He and all the others are still at the Sanctuary, trying to heal and recover. As lies and betrayals stack up, Juliette feels her sister, Emmaline grow stronger and stronger until…she takes over.

what happened in Reveal Me?

  • Kenji has lost his appetite, worried about everything that happened in Defy Me. He pokes his sponge cake over and over before talking to Ian about Adam and then Nazeera comes over to talk to him. She asks him what’s wrong.
  • Nazeera thinks Kenji is in love with Juliette. Kenji convinces her that he definitely is not. They fight and Kenji is mad that Nazeera was communing with Anderson and that he knocked him out when they went on a plane to get to Oceania in Defy Me. She says that he has no idea what he’s talking about. They fight more and Nazeera cries. Kenji lets it slip that he’s in love with her and then leaves.
  • Kenji goes back to his room and wishes he had his mom with him. He feels like he’s falling apart. He snaps himself back to reality and takes a shower.
  • After his shower, Kenji goes to sleep in his room. Then, Brendan comes in. Brendan says he’s just the messenger and that Kenji has to go talk to Castle and let Castle explain it himself.
  • Kenji finds out from Castle that Adam and James have been taken and are being held hostage by Anderson. Nouria, Castle’s daughter, thinks it’s a trap. Castle then tells Kenji that Adam and James weren’t the only kids taken by Anderson—a ton of the Supreme Commander’s children have been taken as well. They all fight because Sam and Nouria kept this fact secret for more than half a day. Kenji calms down and they tell him that they need to prepare to get Adam and James back. Kenji says Juliette should be there and then storms out of the room.
  • Kenji go to see Juliette and Warner. Warner says Juliette isn’t coming, but Kenji insists. When Juliette comes out and Kenji tells them about Adam and James.
  • They all go to the war room and they talk about Anderson and strategize what they’ll do. Kenji remembers that it’s Warner’s birthday. Nazeera asks Kenji if he suspected anything about Adam and James and Kenji says yes and gets mad that everybody that he was crazy for saying so. Kenji goes woozy and then passes out.
  • When he wakes up, he sees spiders. He then realizes the others are around him. He hears them talking about why they think he passed out. They decide that they’ll let him rest as he’s been running on pure adrenaline for days. He feels someone put a needle in his arm, giving him fluids. He says he’s fine but then he falls asleep again.
  • He wakes up again, not knowing how much time has passed. He gets up, but then he feels someone. He gets up, not knowing what to do and is kicked from behind. When he falls, whoever it was opens the door and Kenji grabs his gun to shoot them. He’s missed and hears his attacker’s boots on the ground as they run away. He runs after them and ends up in a long stretch of forest. He chucks the gun, and when he hears his attacker’s breathing, he lunges forward and attacks.
  • It’s Nazeera. They fight. She says she only went into his room to check on him, and that when he woke up, she didn’t know what to do. He says she’s lying and gets up off the ground, demanding answers. She apologizes vehemently. She says that she’s not good at this sort of stuff. She admits that he was her first kiss.
  • He thinks she’s lying. She says she’s not, but he still doesn’t believe her. She admits to having given him a stronger dose and then watching him sleep. When he woke up, she had no idea what to do. She was mortified. He tries to comfort her, but she is humiliated. She promises not to come near him anymore and to give him distance. She leaves, but he catches up to her and she stops. He asks w hy he chose him to be her first kiss and she says she though he was the best person she’d ever met. She apologizes again for kicking him and he says it’s alright. He does say that he could have killed her and she understands. She realizes she could have just flown away and he realizes he never stood a chance. They flirt a little and Kenji is about to say something, but then they hear a scream.

how did Reveal Me end?

They run to follow the scream and, outside the Sanctuary, the scream intensifies. The world is going all topsy-turvy and everything is crazy and everyone is confused. Kenji sees Juliette. She’s on her knees in agony. She screams again, aimed inward this time and she looks pained and horrified. When she scream, she says, “Emmaline. Please don’t do this—”

That’s what happened in Reveal Me! We have recaps of the entire Shatter Me series if you need a refresher of what happened in previous books before you dive into the rest of the series.

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