This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada

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Title: This Mortal Coil


Series: This Mortal Coil #1

- This Mortal Coil (2017)
- This Cruel Design (2018)
- This Vicious Cure (2019)

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When a lone soldier, Cole, arrives with news of Lachlan Agatta's death, all hope seems lost for Catarina. Her father was the world's leading geneticist, and humanity's best hope of beating a devastating virus. Then, hidden beneath Cole's genehacked enhancements she finds a message of hope: Lachlan created a vaccine.

Only she can find and decrypt it, if she can unravel the clues he left for her. The closer she gets, the more she finds herself at risk from Cartaxus, a shadowy organization with a stranglehold on the world's genetic tech. But it's too late to turn back.

There are three billion lives at stake, two people who can save them, and one final secret that Cat must unlock. A secret that will change everything.

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What happened in This Mortal Coil?

  • Cat is living in her father’s hut in the forest. Her father, Lachlan, was an important geneticist and was working on a cure for a horrible virus that makes people explode. He and his assistant Dax were taken by an organisation called Cartaxus.
  • It’s important to note that in this dystopian sci-fi future, genes can be modified in various ways, including via apps.
  • One day a soldier from Cartaxus arrives at the hut. He tells Cat that Lachlan has died, but not before he developed a vaccine. Cole says he has this vaccine, but no one else can understand the coding, which is why they need Cat’s help.
  • Cole takes Cat to a lab in Canada in order to show her the coding so they can release the vaccine to the world. Cole has also been programmed to protect Cat at all costs.
  • Cole admits that he has been looking for his girlfriend, Jun Bei, for years.
  • On the way, Cat and Cole bump into some neighbours. The woman has been infected, but seems to be coping with it better than some. It turns out they’ve downloaded possible treatment from the web, and it has worked somewhat.
  • Cat and Cole reach the Cartaxus lab. Cat realises that her father has been experimenting on children, including Cole. Jun Bei was one of these children and she escaped the lab years ago and hasn’t been seen since. Cat tries to track her, but her panel is pinging all over the world. At least she’s alive.
  • Dax shows up and shares pretty much everything. He’s a big fan of Cartaxus, which is unfortunate, because I’m a big fan of him.
  • Cat is a bit distraught from the news. She realises that her father has been lying to her this whole time. She learns that she doesn’t actually have any issues downloading apps, in fact she has a second implant in her.
  • Cat realises that she is the key to the vaccine. Not only that, but she is Jun Bei.

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