Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

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Title: Dead Reckoning


Series: Sookie Stackhouse #11

- Dead Until Dark (2001)
- Living Dead in Dallas (2002)
- Club Dead (2003)
- Dead to the World (2004)
- Dead As a Doornail (2005)
- Definitely Dead (2006)
- All Together Dead (2007)
- From Dead to Worse (2008)
- Dead and Gone (2009)
- Dead in the Family (2010)
- Dead Reckoning (2011)
- Deadlocked (2012)
- Dead Ever After (2013)

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Goodreads Summary:

With her knack for being in trouble's way, Sookie witnesses the firebombing of Merlotte's, the bar where she works. Since Sam Merlotte is now known to be two-natured, suspicion falls immediately on the anti-shifters in the area. Sookie suspects otherwise, but her attention is divided when she realizes that her lover Eric Northman and his "child" Pam are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master. Gradually, Sookie is drawn into the plot-which is much more complicated than she knows...

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What happened in Dead Reckoning?

  • Sookie, Dermot, and Claude clean out the attic and start burning things.
  • Sam suggests that Sookie speaks to the owner of the local antique shop in case they want anything from the attic.
  • Someone chucks a Molotov through the window fo the bar. Sookie helps everyone escape and Sam puts out the fire.
  • Eric shows up. Sookie speaks to the fire department about what happened.
  • Pam sends over a stylist to fix Sookie’s singed hair. Pam implies that Eric is a bad husband, so Eric attacks Pam.
  • Sookie breaks up the fight.
  • Sam takes Sookie to the antique store in Shreveport. He introduces her to Brenda, the owner.
  • Remy asks Sookie if she can watch Hunter at the weekend, but Sookie will be working at the bar.
  • Sam takes Sookie to Hooligan’s. An elf greets them at the door.
  • Eric wants to take Sookie out for the night after work. He takes her to Victor’s new club. Pam joins them and they head to the VIP section where Miriam is.
  • The waiter gives Eric and Pam Tru Blood, which contains fairy blood. Sookie warns them. The group leaves the bar.
  • Sookie asks Claude and Dermot to tell her what’s going on. Apparently the Fae War was over Sookie (obviously). Claude says they can still communicte with Niall through a half-closed portal.
  • Sookie agrees to turn the attic into another bedroom.
  • Brenda shows up with Donald, who finds a secret compartment in a desk. There’s a letter in there, sealed in an anvelope with Sookie’s grandmother’s handwriting on it.
  • Sookie is warned that Sandra is out of jail now.
  • A group of guys come looking for Sookie. Jack Leeds threatens them with a gun and the townsfolk come together to protect Sookie.
  • Sookie calls Mr Cataliades and leaves a message for him.
  • Sookie asks Amelia to help find Sandra.
  • Sookie reads her grandmother’s letter. It says that Gran slept with Fintan in order to have children. She says Mr Cataliades left a cluviel dor for her to use if necessary. This is now left to Sookie. Sookie hides it in a drawer.
  • Sookie heads back to work. Sandra arrives, and admits she sent the group of men after Sookie. Terry Bellefleur knocks Sandra out with a baseball bat.
  • Terry admits he had been spying on Sookie for Eric and Niall. He’s upset because he thinks he has killed Sandra, but Sookie reassures him that she’s not dead.
  • Eric asks Sookie to move in with him. Sookie doesn’t have a chance to disagree, as Amelia and Bob show up shortly after.
  • Sandra escapes the hospital. Bill promises to go look for her.
  • Sookie goes with Remy and Hunter to look at Hunter’s new school. They meet his new teacher, who seems to have some issues. Sookie encourages her to get help. After the school visit, they head to Dairy Queen.
  • Remy’s new girlfriend, Erin, turns up. Sookie approves.
  • Sookie heads home and goes looking for the Fae portal. She speaks to Niall through it and tells him she misses him.
  • Sookie dissolves the blood bond that she has with Eric, who calls her to very angrily tell her that’s how she was being protected.
  • Sookie and Eric later apologise to one another and make up. Eric tells Sookie how Victor made one of his vampires eat his mother’s tongue.
  • Sookie wants to ask the waiter from the club about the fairy blood. The waiter’s name is Colton, and he says his brother is the guy who ate his mother’s tongue. Colton wants Victor to die.
  • Sookie drives home after spending the night with Eric and finds Alcide in her bed. Alcide wants to court Sookie to bring her into the pack. Sookie has to explain she and Eric are still together and that she doesn’t like Alcide much at all. He leaves.
  • Dermot reveals that he doesn’t have a purpose and he’s sad about it. That’s why he’s working on the attic.
  • After work, a storm comes in. Sookie heads home and finds the back door wide open. She starts to drive off but a tree falls and blocks the driveway. Sookie gets out of the car and is attacked by a man, who she fends off with a milk jug.
  • Sookie runs to Bill’s house and strips along the way. She uses her key to enter his house and hides in the pantry. She finds Bill’s body in there. He’s sleeping. He wakes up a little, but by the time he fully wakes up the men are gone. He goes off to check for them.
  • Bill drives Sookie home and she finds Dermot unconscious in the attic. He was attacked and has a nasty head wound.
  • Sookie calls Claude and Bellenos answers his phone. She explains what happened and Bellenos shows up immediately. He helps Dermot heal. Dermot reveals that he took down Amelia’s wards with the view to put up stronger ones… this went terribly.
  • Eric and Pam arrive and Sookie fills them in.
  • Dermot and Bellenos return with the men’s heads. Sookie looks through their things.
  • Eric tells Sookie that Appius has arranged a marriage for him. He wants Eric to marry the Queen of Oklahoma, and so he must divorce Sookie.
  • The gang discuss how to kill Victor. Sookie plans to use Bubba, who is on board with the plan.
  • Dermot and Sookie look through old photos and Dermot is able to point out which ones have Fintan in them.
  • Sookie starts prepping for Tara’s baby shower.
  • Sam tells Sookie that Amelia called him to tell Sookie to check her emails. She finds emails from Mr Cataliades and Amelia. Cataliades explains he was friends with Fintan back in the day. He tells Sookie to be caeful with the cluviel dor.
  • Amelia’s email has her apologising to Sookie, and then she explains the cluviel dor will grant one person a wish.
  • Sookie takes the cluviel dor with her to Fangtasia. She sees Pam, and learns that Miriam has died.
  • Victor arrives with his guards. The group get into place in order to set the plan in motion. Eric tries to stake Victor but his guard protects him. Bill helps Bubba escape.
  • Sookie grabs a sword and Pam pins Victor. Sookie swings at Victor’s head and almost takes it off but Pam has to rip it off the rest of the way.
  • Sookie offers Eric some of her blood so he can heal. Bill takes Sookie home. They chat about Eric’s betrothal and her and Eric’s blood bond.
  • The baby shower finally happens and it’s a really good time. Sookie is able to speak to Mr Cataliades about Fintan. They chat about her telepathy, which Fintan gifted to her. Sookie calls it a burden. She asks if they can take it away but they can’t.
  • Mr Cataliades has to leave suddenly because he’s being chased by grey streaks.
  • Sam calls and says someone has left Sookie a package. She asks him to drop it off. Sookie waits in the trees with a gun for Sam to arrive. Sandra gets out of the truck and Sookie shoots her in the arm.
  • Jannalynn is able to kill Sandra. The group shoves her through the portal. It sounds as though Sandra’s body gets eaten. Ew.

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