Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

The basics

Title: Shatter Me


Series: Shatter Me #1

- Shatter Me (November 2011)
- Unravel Me (February 2013)
- Ignite Me (February 2014)

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Goodreads Summary:

Juliette hasn’t touched anyone in exactly 264 days.

The last time she did, it was an accident, but The Reestablishment locked her up for murder. No one knows why Juliette’s touch is fatal. As long as she doesn’t hurt anyone else, no one really cares. The world is too busy crumbling to pieces to pay attention to a 17-year-old girl. Diseases are destroying the population, food is hard to find, birds don’t fly anymore, and the clouds are the wrong color.

The Reestablishment said their way was the only way to fix things, so they threw Juliette in a cell. Now so many people are dead that the survivors are whispering war– and The Reestablishment has changed its mind. Maybe Juliette is more than a tortured soul stuffed into a poisonous body. Maybe she’s exactly what they need right now.

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In short

Juliette has been locked up by The Reestablishment because she has the ability to kill a person just by touching them.  A soldier named Adam is locked up with her as an undercover patient.  Once she is proven sane, they are determined to use her as a weapon in the war.  Adam falls in love with Juliette and they attempt to run away together.  There are some roadblocks, but eventually they make it to Omega Point.

What happened in Shatter Me?

  • Juliette has been locked up in a cell by herself for 264 days.  All she has is a small notebook and broken pen.
  • One day the door opens and she realizes she now has a cellmate, a boy named Adam.  She is freaked out and doesn’t really talk to him.  One night he touches her while she is sleeping.  YES, HE TOUCHED HER AND DIDN’T DIE!!!  Why?
  • The next day he touches her again and she is shocked, but it feels sooo good to be touched that she goes with it and falls in love with him.
  • Out of the blue, soldiers come in with guns and force them out of the cell.  Turns out he is a SOLDIER!  He was undercover, used as a test to see if she was insane.  She is moved to the compound where she is locked in a really nice room. 
  • Juliette meets Warner, the son of the guy in charge of The Reestablishment.  She talks back to him and doesn’t behave the way he wants her to.  He is pretty creepy and has a weird obsession with her.  He puts Adam in charge of babysitting her at all times.
  • Juliette manages to convince Warner that the only way she will trust him is if he disables the cameras in her room.  He agrees.  This allows for some hot make out scenes with Adam, particularly in the shower!
  • Warner sets off an alarm.  Adam has to leave as if it was more than just a drill.  Warner corners Juliette in her bedroom just as Adam walks in and holds a gun on him!!  They manage to escape through the window, but not before Warner touches Juliette’s leg and realizes he is immune to her touch!
  • They run to the house Adam made for his younger brother James.  The next day a soldier shows up at the door– his name is Kenji.  He assures Adam that he means no harm and knows of a safe place they can go.  They decide to trust him. 
  • Juliette and Adam leave James and Kenji in hiding while they set off to get some food and supplies.  Oh crap!  The Reestablishment has found them!  Adam gets shot and Juliette is captured.
  • Juliette is taken back to the compound and left alone with Warner.  She pretends to be persuaded by his words and starts making out with him, but SURPRISE!…  She manages to snag his gun and shoot him!  She escapes again, hunts down the building where Adam was taken and uses her power to claw through a steel door.
  • Adam is in bad shape.  They make it back to Kenji and James.  The four of them make it to safety at Omega Point.  It is a place for people opposed to The Reestablishment.  Many of the people have special abilities like Juliette.
  • Adam gets better.  They make out.  Juliette is given a special suit that allows her touch and be touched without harming anyone.

How did it end?

They are at Omega Point. Adam was fixed up by twin sisters that have crazy healing powers. Juliette and Adam make out. They are introduced to various people that have major roles in the movement. Juliette feels as though she might finally have a place where she belongs.

Any weird terminology?

The Reestablishment:  The name given to the government in control.

Omega Point:  A place for people coming together to rise up against The Reestablishment.  Many have special abilities.

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