Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

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Title: Dead Until Dark


Series: Sookie Stackhouse #1

- Dead Until Dark (2001)
- Living Dead in Dallas (2002)
- Club Dead (2003)
- Dead to the World (2004)
- Dead As a Doornail (2005)
- Definitely Dead (2006)
- All Together Dead (2007)
- From Dead to Worse (2008)
- Dead and Gone (2009)
- Dead in the Family (2010)
- Dead Reckoning (2011)
- Deadlocked (2012)
- Dead Ever After (2013)

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Goodreads Summary:

Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out.... Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn't such a bright idea.

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What happened in Dead Until Dark?

  • Sookie is currently living in Bon Temps with her grandmother. She’s a telepath, and the whole town knows it. They’re not happy about her being able to read their minds, but there’s not much she can do about it.
  • The female townsfolk are currently being murdered, so that’s great.
  • A vampire called Bill shows up at the bar that Sookie works at. The two talk, and Sookie is fascinated as Bill is the first vampire she has ever met.
  • When he leaves the bar, Bill is attacked by a couple of vampire hunters. The Rattrays steal blood from vampires to sell. Sookie saves Bill from the hunters.
  • The Rattrays show up again a couple of days later and Bill saves Sookie. She’s injured, so he gives her some of his blood to heal him.
  • The cops look into Sookie’s brother, Jason, as a suspect for the murders.
  • Sookie and her grandmother discuss Bill. Adele says Sookie should invite Bill to her club to tell the members about the civil war. Adele invites Bill over to the house too.
  • Bill and Sookie go for a stroll. He tells her that he wants to settle in Bon Temp.
  • The next day, Sookie goes over to Bill’s. There are some other vampires there, and some humans too. The vampires aren’t as nice as Bill, and try to drink Sookie’s blood. Bill doesn’t allow it.
  • Sookie is shook and decides to stay away from Bill and vampires for the time being.
  • One of the bar staff, Dawn, doesn’t show up one night. Sam asks Sookie to go find her in case something terrible has happened. Sookie goes to Dawn’s place and finds her dead.
  • Sookie, determined to help the investigation, asks Bill to take her to the local vampire nightclub so she can read some minds.
  • The nightclub is owned by Eric Northman. Sookie chats to him a bit and there’s a bit of an attraction there. Eric tries to glamour Sookie but it doesn’t work because she’s a telepath.
  • Bill talks at the club abut the Civil War. Bill gets jealous because Soookie brings Sam along.
  • Sam and Sookie go out for dinner and they share a brief kiss.
  • Sookie returns home to find her grandmother dead. The police come over, and they tell Sookie the killers were probably after her.
  • After Adele’s funeral, Sookie and Bill sleep together. Sookie confides in Bill about what her uncle did to her when she was a child. Bill kills her uncle.
  • Jason calls Sookie and asks her to meet him at the bar. She heads over there but can’t find her brother.
  • Sookie overheas some thoughts and starts to run away. Rene, a friend of hers, catches her and tries to kill her. He reveals that he has been behind the murders because he hates vampires (and women, apparently) and he wants to kill everyone who’s involved with them.
  • Sookie is able to fight back because she has ingested Bill’s blood recently. Sookie is injured in the fight, though, and passes out.
  • Sookie wakes up in hospital. Rene has been arrested. Bill has been employed by Eric as an investigator.

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