Saga, Volume 9 by Brian K Vaughan

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Title: Saga, Volume 9


Series: Saga #9

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When two soldiers from opposite sides of a never-ending galactic war fall in love, they risk everything to bring a fragile new life into a dangerous old universe. From bestselling writer Brian K. Vaughan, Saga is the sweeping tale of one young family fighting to find their place in the worlds. Fantasy and science fiction are wed like never before in this sexy, subversive drama for adults.

Read a full summary of Saga volume 9 by Brian K Vaughan below. If you can’t remember what happened in Saga volume 9 and you need a refresher, then you’re in the right place.

What happened in Saga Volume 9?

  • Ianthe is keeping The Will prisoner. They arrive on the planet where they believe the Saga family to be staying, but unfortunately for them they’ve already left on the treehouse rocket ship.
  • Petrichor and Robot IV get together and he tries to be all romantic but she’s not having it.
  • Upsher and Doff, the journalists, suggest that Marko and Alana publish their story and gain new identities and appearances. Robot IV overhears this and decides he wants this. Petrichor also agrees, and they plan to take this deal and publish a story about the destruction of Phang.
  • The family hides in Airland at an old amusement park.
  • Robot IV sells his story, and the journalists forward it to their publisher.
  • Petrichor teaches Hazel some defensive moves and then tells her she plans on moving away with Robot IV. Hazel becomes upset.
  • Squire, upset about his family breaking up, plans to run away with Hazel’s doll, Ponk Konk.
  • Ianthe confronts Zlote and asks where the journalists are.
  • Squire asks Robot IV about The Stalk’s murder. Robot becomes angry and violent.
  • Marko attempts to write his own fiction novel. Alana is very pleased.
  • Upsher learns that The Hebdomadal plans to print the story on the front page.
  • Ianthe and The Will arrive on Jetsam. Doff is nearby, and they confront each other. Ianthe kills Doff, and while she is distracted The Will escapes, leaving a note for Ianthe telling her that they’re even.
  • Squire runs off by himself, leaving only a goodbye note. They all set off to find him.
  • Ianthe rescues Squire from an animal.
  • The Will impales Robot IV and plans to kill Robot for murdering The Stalk. Robot IV promises to help The Will capture Hazel in exchange for his life.
  • Special Agent Gale goes to talk to the editor of The Hebdomadal, and threatens to expose Doff and Upsher’s relationship if they publish the story.
  • Ghus and Petrichor come across Doff’s body and go to warn the others.
  • Ianthe, holding Squire hostage, confronts Hazel and Upsher. She tells them Doff is dead. Alana shows up and Ianthe shoots her in the wing, and Upsher uses this distraction to kill Ianthe.
  • Marko intervenes with Robot IV and The Will. He tries to make The Will set Robot IV free. The Will doesn’t listen and decapitates Robot IV instead.
  • The Will and Marko fight. The Will’s lance explodes and destroys his metal hand. Marko and The Will fall off the cliff together into Ianthe’s ship, which shoots off into space.
  • Marko decides to spare The Will even though he has the upper hand. The Will impales Marko with his damaged hand and kills him.

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